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The Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) Governors Cup is one of three conferences in the league’s season. The Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) Governors’ Cup is the most prestigious conference in the PBA season. It is the only league that allows clubs to employ international players, sometimes called imports, which adds a new level of excitement and competition to the games.

What is PBA Governors' Cup?

The Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) Governors’ Cup is the third and final conference of the season. The Governors’ Cup is often the most entertaining and competitive conference of the PBA season, with teams wanting to capture the title and end the season on a high note. Adding imports also adds new excitement to the games, as viewers can watch some of the world’s finest basketball players battle against one another.

What is PBA Governors' Cup
PBA Philippine Cup History

History of the PBA Governors' Cup

During the 1993 PBA season, the league dubbed the Third Conference the Governor’s Cup, most likely in honor of the PBA Board of Governors’ chairman. The single designation “Governor” refers to the team’s board representation. The conference was generally the final tournament in a PBA season.

Alaska controlled the Governors Cup from 1994 through 1997 after San Miguel won the inaugural one in 1993. Due to the league’s commitment to the Philippine Centennial Team, each team was permitted to acquire two imports with a total height of 12 feet in 1998. Shell defeated Mobiline in the competition even though no players were selected for the national squad.

List of PBA Governors' Cup Champions

Several PBA teams have carved their names in history as Governors’ Cup champions. These winners have imprinted in Philippine basketball history by displaying remarkable collaboration, skill, and dedication. From its inception in 1993, this tournament has consistently showcased the best of Philippine basketball. Over the years, legendary teams such as the San Miguel Beermen, Alaska Milkmen, and Barangay Ginebra San Miguel have etched their names into the annals of basketball history, demonstrating their prowess and skill on the court.

Some of the most successful Governors’ Cup teams in history include:

1993San Miguel Beermen4-1Swift Mighty Meaty Hotdogs
1994Alaska Milkmen4-2Swift Mighty Meaty Hotdogs
1995Alaska Milkmen4-3San Miguel Beermen
1996Alaska Milkmen4-1Ginebra San Miguel
1997Alaska Milkmen4-1Purefoods Carne Norte Beefies
1998Formula Shell Zoom Masters4-3Mobiline Phone Pals
1999San Miguel Beermen4-2Alaska Milkmen
2000San Miguel Beermen4-1Purefoods TJ Hotdogs
2001Sta. Lucia Realtors4-2San Miguel Beermen
2002Purefoods TJ Hotdogs4-3Alaska Aces
2011Petron Blaze Boosters4-3Talk 'N Text Tropang Texters
2012Rain or Shine Elasto Painters4-3B-Meg Llamados
2013San Mig Coffee Mixers4-3Petron Blaze Boosters
2014San Mig Super Coffee Mixers3-2Rain or Shine Elasto Painters
2015San Miguel Beermen4-0Alaska Aces
2016Barangay Ginebra San Miguel4-2Meralco Bolts
2017Barangay Ginebra San Miguel4-3Meralco Bolts
2018Barangay Ginebra San Miguel4-2San Miguel Beermen
2019San Miguel Beermen4-2TNT KaTropa
2021Barangay Ginebra San Miguel4-2Meralco Bolts
2022Barangay Ginebra San Miguel4-2Meralco Bolts
2023TNT Tropang Giga4-2Barangay Ginebra

Top Franchise Team with the Most Championships in Governors' Cup

San Miguel Beermen7
Alaska Milkmen4
Barangay Ginebra San Miguel4
Purefoods TJ Hotdogs"3
Formula Shell Zoom Masters1
Sta. Lucia Realtors1
Rain or Shine Elasto Painters1
TNT Tropang Giga1

Best Player of the Conference

SeasonBest PlayerTeam
1993Hector CalmaSan Miguel Beermen
1994Johnny AbarrientosAlaska Milkmen
1995Alvin PatrimonioPurefoods Corned Beef
1996Johnny AbarrientosAlaska Milkmen
1997Johnny AbarrientosAlaska Milkmen
1998Billy Ray BatesShell Zoom Masters
1999Michael PhelpsSan Miguel Beermen
2000Danny SeiglePurefoods Corned Beef
2001Alvin PatrimonioPurefoods Corned Beef
2002Danny SeiglePurefoods Corned Beef
2011Mark CaguioaBarangay Ginebra San Miguel
2012June Mar FajardoSan Miguel Beermen
2013June Mar FajardoSan Miguel Beermen
2014Ranidel de OcampoTNT Tropang Giga
2015June Mar FajardoSan Miguel Beermen
2016Japeth AguilarBarangay Ginebra San Miguel
2017Greg SlaughterBarangay Ginebra San Miguel
2018Paul LeeMagnolia Hotshots
2019Christian StandhardingerNorthport Batang Pier
2021Scottie ThompsonBarangay Ginebra San Miguel
2022Scottie ThompsonBarangay Ginebra San Miguel
2023Christian StandhardingerBarangay Ginebra San Miguel



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The PBA Commissioner’s Cup is held yearly from April through July. Keep an eye on the official PBA schedule for further information.

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