PBA Greatest Rivalries of all Time until now

PBA Greatest Rivalries - What you need to Know?

Today’s most fierce rivalry in the PBA is between two teams representing the Ginebra and Purefoods franchises. The rivalry is currently referred to as the Manila Clasico. Its origins may be traced back to the 1980s to early 1990s. Original Aejo-Purefoods conflict, but for the heart of Filipinos, the great rivalries that have emerged throughout the years have been one of the primary components that have led to the PBA’s ongoing appeal. These rivalries have exposed exceptional basketball skills and instilled in supporters a strong feeling of pride and devotion. Join us as we enter the fascinating world of “PBA Greatest Rivalries,” where basketball becomes a war of the heart and spirit, and the floor changes into a battleground of untamed emotion and rivalry.

Let’s take a recap on the Greatest PBA Rivalries:

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Toyota Super Corollas vs. Crispa Redmanizers

The Crispa-Toyota rivalry of the 1970s was the most renowned PBA match-up. Fans appeared in droves to cheer on their favorite teams at the Araneta Coliseum or wherever the archrivals clashed. The guys were highly enthusiastic back then. On one occasion, they got into a big fight, which resulted in the arrest and custody of numerous players from both clubs at Fort Bonifacio.

Crispa vs. Toyota is regarded as the most legendary rivalry in PBA history. The fierce confrontations between the Crispa Redmanizers, dressed in bright red jerseys, and the Toyota Super Corollas, dressed in blue jerseys, marked an era. During the 1970s and early 1980s, it was a titanic battle between famous players such as Robert Jaworski, Ramon Fernandez, and Atoy Co. These games were noted for their vast stakes, tough competition, and fervent fan support.

Tanduay vs. Ginebra (1986-1987 Rivalry)

In the mid-1980s, the Tanduay-Ginebra PBA rivals featured the great Robert Jaworski, the “Living Legend” of Philippine basketball, leading Tanduay against Ginebra’s tenacious and never-say-die mentality. These games featured great physicality, clutch performances, and exciting plays.

Ginebra vs. Shell Rivalry (1990s)

In the 1990s, Ginebra noted for its passionate and dedicated fan base, had fierce fights with the Shell Turbo Chargers. The rivalry created entertaining, high-scoring games that captivated spectators. A duel of opposing playing styles demonstrated the PBA’s entertainment value.

Purefoods vs. Swift Rivalry (1990s)

The Purefoods-Swift rivalry was a corporate rivalry between the San Miguel and Purefoods corporations that extended beyond the basketball court. The teams were competing for PBA dominance and representing the rivalry between these two business behemoths. These pairings heightened the significance of their encounters.

Alejo/Ginebra vs. San Miguel (late 1980s)

The rivalry between Aejo/Ginebra and San Miguel dates back decades. Because both clubs are part of the San Miguel Corporation, their games had a familial feel. The competition highlighted the gap in playing styles, with Ginebra’s “Never Say Die” attitude pitted against the powerhouse squads of San Miguel.

Ginebra/Gordon's Gin vs. Alaska

Ginebra, previously Gordon’s Gin, has a long rivalry with the Alaska Aces. These clashes were distinguished by hotly contested games, hard-fought confrontations, and the sincere devotion of their respective fan bases. Over the years, the rivalry has remained relevant and entertaining.

Red Bull vs. the San Miguel franchise

Red Bull’s introduction into the PBA in the early 2000s sparked a rivalry with the San Miguel franchise, which featured Barangay Ginebra and Purefoods at the time. These games featured competitive lineups and were noted for high-stakes playoff series, ushering in a new era in PBA history.

Talk'N Text vs. San Miguel/Petron (2010-2011)

In the early 2010s, the Talk’N Text vs. San Miguel/Petron rivalry pitted two top-tier teams against each other. These games featured star-studded rosters and high-quality basketball. During that period, the rivalry provided another dimension of intrigue to the PBA scene.

Rain or Shine vs. Purefoods

The rivalry between the Rain or Shine Elastopainters and the Purefoods Tender Juicy Hotdogs is among the most exciting and fierce in Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) history. Despite their recent debut into the league, Rain or Shine has engaged in a tough battle with Purefoods, a longtime PBA powerhouse with a storied history of success.

The two teams first met in the PBA Finals in 2012, when Rain or Shine won their first PBA championship in six hard-fought games. Purefoods, on the other hand, exacted vengeance in 2013, defeating Rain or Shine in a seven-game duel to claim their championship title. Their animosity heated up when they played again in the 2014 PBA Finals, in which Purefoods prevailed in a five-game series. Rain or Shine avenged themselves in 2016, beating Purefoods in a six-game series to win their second PBA title.

B-Meg vs. San Mig Coffee

During its height in the PBA, the San Mig Coffee vs. B-Meg rivalry was a compelling and highly contested clash. These two teams were always competitive, and their games were always entertaining for spectators. Only once in four championship series matches did San Mig Coffee triumph over B-Meg. This battle also showcased the PBA’s diversity of playing styles.

The San Miguel Corporation opted to unite the San Mig Coffee and B-Meg teams in 2015, becoming the San Miguel Beermen, essentially ending this fascinating rivalry. Nonetheless, PBA fans remember the San Mig Coffee vs. B-Meg rivalry warmly as one of the league’s most exciting and intense matches.

Barangay Ginebra San Miguel vs. SMB

The rivalry between SMB and Barangay Ginebra San Miguel, is among the most popular and heated in the PBA today. These two teams have the most fantastic championship records in PBA history, with 29 championships. The rivalry is driven not just by their on-court fights but also by their devoted fan bases. The Beermen are recognized for their muscular style of play, while the Gin Kings are known for their striking and exciting style.

Barangay Ginebra San Miguel vs. Magnolia

The Manila Clasico Rivalry, pits the Barangay Ginebra San Miguel Gin Kings against the Magnolia Hotshots, two extremely successful Metro Manila clubs. The rivalry is firmly established in the local culture due to their proximity to San Miguel Corporation’s facilities in various city regions. The teams’ varied playing styles fuelled the initial intensity of the competition—Ginebra’s gruff “never-say-die” mindset clashing with Magnolia’s slick and technical approach, making the games unpredictable and exciting. Over 200 meetings have occurred, with Ginebra holding a slight advantage, although recent years have seen a closely contested battle, with both clubs claiming many titles.

The Manila Clasico has developed into a cultural phenomenon that extends beyond the court and into the streets and is a basketball rivalry. Supporters participate in heated debates, and violent altercations occasionally occur, reflecting the rivalry’s depth. Despite the heated rivalry, the two teams have mutual respect, as players from both sides recognize the excellent influence the rivalry has had on the popularity and entertainment value of the PBA. The Manila Clasico is a long-lasting and prominent rivalry in Philippine basketball that promises to persist for many years.


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