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Who's the Best Point Guard in PBA History?

PBA Ranking Best Point Guard 2023

The title of “Best Point Guard in PBA” is a sought-after distinction in the dynamic world of Philippine basketball, sparking countless arguments and discussions among fans, commentators, and lovers. The Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) has seen numerous outstanding point guards grace the court. In this article, we’ll look at the careers and achievements of several famous point guards who have made an everlasting imprint on the PBA landscape. We’ll look at their abilities, accomplishments, and distinguishing characteristics that make them strong competitors for the title of best point guard in PBA history.

Robert Jaworksi "The Living Legend"

PBA Ranking Best Point Guard Robert Jaworski

Robert ‘Sonny’ Jaworski, a name linked with Philippine basketball, is legendary in the PBA’s history. Jaworski’s reputation is carved in the annals of the sport for his leadership, tenacity, and unrivaled personality.

He not only guided his club to several titles with the Barangay Ginebra San Miguel throughout his successful career, but he also defined the position of a point guard in the league. His ability to orchestrate plays, rebound well, and contribute offensively made him a one-of-a-kind player. Jaworski’s larger-than-life presence transcended beyond the court, symbolizing perseverance and a never-say-die attitude.

Johnny Abarrientos "The Flying A"

PBA Ranking Best Point Guard Johnny Abarrientos

Johnny, ‘The Flying A’ Abarrientos, was recognized on the court for his speed and agility. He was crucial to the Alaska Aces’ success during championship campaigns in the 1990s and early 2000s. Abarrientos had an uncanny ability to steal the ball, generate scoring opportunities for his teammates, and make clutch plays when it counted the most.

His tenacity on defense and ability to perform under duress earned him fans and teammates’ admiration. Abarrientos was a genuine game-changer in every way, and his impact on the game is still felt today.

Hector Calma "The Maestro Calma"

PBA Ranking Best Point Guard Hector Calma

Maestro Hector, ‘The Director’ Calma Calma was well-known for his basketball intelligence and court vision. Calma was the personification of a floor general as a playmaker for the legendary San Miguel Beer team. His precise passes and ability to judge the game made him an invaluable member of his squad.

Calma’s outstanding resume, which includes many MVP honors and titles, establishes him as one of the best point guards in PBA history. He was a maestro who arranged triumphant symphonies on the hardwood.

Alex Cabagnot "The Consistent Hand"

PBA Ranking Best Point Guard Alex Cabagnot

‘The Crunchman’ Alex Cabagnot is a modern-day point guard who has made his route to glory in the Philippine Basketball Association. The Crunchman is known for his flexibility; he can score, distribute, and defend with equal aplomb. He has been an integral part of the success of several PBA teams, notably the San Miguel Beermen and the North Batang Pier.

Cabagnot’s ability to adapt to varied playing styles and perform in pressure circumstances has distinguished him. His consistency and leadership have earned him a spot among the league’s finest point guards.

LA Tenorio "The Iron Man"

PBA Ranking Best Point Guard LA Tenorio

‘The Iron Man’ in Lewis Alfred Tenorio exemplifies the PBA’s endurance and longevity. Tenorio has been a consistent force for Barangay Ginebra San Miguel, with an incredible string of consecutive games played. His court vision, basketball IQ, and leadership abilities have made him a league favorite.

Tenorio’s ability to make the perfect plays in crunch time has given him a reputation as one of the top clutch players in the PBA. His adaptability to the changing scene of Philippine basketball demonstrates his enduring excellence.

Jayson Castro "The Blur"

PBA Ranking Best Point Guard Jayson Castro

Jayson, ‘The Blur’ Castro, is an explosive point guard who has wowed fans with his explosive speed and scoring skills. Castro’s explosiveness and ingenuity on the court have made him a constant danger to opposing teams as a critical member of the TNT Tropang Giga.

Among his many successes are several Finals MVP honors and All-Star selections. Castro’s ability to take over games and give leadership during critical moments has cemented his place as one of the PBA’s top point guards.

Stanley Pringle "The Newcomer"

PBA Ranking Best Point Guard Pringle

‘The Stash’ Stanley Pringle’s scoring ability and quickness propelled him to prominence in the PBA. Pringle instantly made an impression as a Barangay Ginebra San Miguel member and helped his club win titles. His ability to play both guard positions and his willingness to accept defensive challenges have made him a valued asset.

Pringle symbolizes a new generation of point guards who blend athleticism with basketball intelligence, making him a viable contender for the league’s top point guard.

Terrence Romeo "The Scoring Machine"

PBA Ranking Best Point Guard Romeo

Terrence Romeo is well-known for his ability to score and his flamboyant style of play. He has lit up the scoreboards for several PBA teams, demonstrating his ability to put the ball in the hoop from wherever on the court. Romeo’s one-on-one skills and knowledge to create shots for himself and his teammates have earned him the moniker “scoring machine.”

While his career is still in its early stages, Romeo has the potential to become one of the PBA’s best scorers and point guards.

Nard Pinto "The Rising Star"

PBA Ranking Best Point Guard Pinto

‘The Point Forward’ by Nard Pinto is a PBA rising star recognized for his flexibility and basketball IQ. His versatility to play many positions and assist in all aspects of the game has made him an invaluable addition to the Blackwater Bossing.

Pinto has the potential to become one of the league’s top point guards, and his path in the PBA will be keenly followed as he continues to develop his talents and make his imprint.

Chris Ross "The Defensive Powerhouse"

PBA Ranking Best Point Guard Ross

Chris Ross is known for his defensive abilities and ability to disrupt opponents’ plays. Ross has been a vital player for the San Miguel Beermen during their championship seasons. His tough on-ball defense, ability to manufacture steals, and timely three-point shooting have helped him become a crucial squad member.

Ross’ defensive impact and ability to step up in stressful circumstances have won him distinction as one of the PBA’s finest defensive point guards.

JV Casio "The Hero of the Underdog"

PBA Ranking Best Point Guard Casio

JV Casio stands out as one of the most formidable contenders for the coveted title of the best point guard in the PBA, owing to his multifaceted skill set and consistent performance on the court. Renowned for his exceptional playmaking abilities, Casio orchestrates the offense precisely, setting up his teammates for scoring opportunities and dictating the game’s flow. Moreover, his defensive prowess adds another layer of strength to his game, effectively disrupting opposing offenses and creating turnovers.

Jimmy Alapag "The Mighty Mouse"

PBA Ranking Best Point Guard Alapag

‘Mighty Mouse’ Jimmy Alapag is a tiny dynamo who demonstrated that size is not a barrier to success in basketball. Standing only 5’9″, Alapag had tremendous heart, leadership, and a lethal three-point shot that terrified opposing defenses.

Alapag led the Talk ‘N Text Tropang Texters (now TNT Tropang Giga) to multiple victories throughout his tenure, including the coveted Philippine Cup trophy. He was a floor general in every way, directing plays with precision and encouraging his teammates with his never-say-die mentality.

Mighty Mouse’s influence on Philippine basketball spanned more than just the PBA. He was an essential member of the Philippine National Team, known as Gilas Pilipinas, and helped raise the country’s basketball prominence on the world scene.


To summarize, picking the “Best Point Guard in the PBA” is challenging, given the different skill sets and distinct attributes held by these renowned players. Each of the points mentioned above guards has made an unmistakable impact on Philippine basketball, adding to the league’s illustrious history and legacy. While perspectives differ, one thing is sure: the PBA has been graced with a stunning assortment of point guards, each of whom has made their case for greatness.


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The title of finest point guard in PBA history is subjective and frequently a question of personal preference. Several renowned point guards have made their imprint on the league, including Robert Jaworski, Johnny Abarrientos, Hector Calma, Alex Cabagnot, LA Tenorio, Jayson Castro, Stanley Pringle, Terrence Romeo, Nard Pinto, Chris Ross, JV Casio, Jimmy Alapag. Fans, pundits, and enthusiasts may disagree on who merits this distinction.

The criteria for determining the best point guard in PBA history vary, but they frequently include factors such as championships won, individual awards (such as MVP and Finals MVP), career statistics, leadership qualities, game impact, and overall contributions to their respective teams and the league. When deciding, each fan or analyst may prioritize these elements differently.

There has never been a consensus selection for the best point guard in PBA history. The discussion is continuous and heated, with various league periods generating outstanding athletes with distinct strengths and legacies. The variety of perspectives and preferences among fans and professionals keeps this argument active and open-ended.

Yes, the Philippine Basketball Association continues to develop outstanding point guards who can make a huge impact and challenge the all-time greats. Jason Brickman, Mikey Williams, and other rising players are making waves in the league. Their growth and achievements in the future years will add to the continuing debate regarding who is the finest point guard in PBA history.

A point guard from a more recent age may be regarded as the finest in PBA history. Basketball has changed, and players have become more flexible and skillful. Modern standards may perceive point guards’ younger generations as having more excellent skills and talents. Finally, a fan’s or analyst’s opinion of the finest point guard in PBA history may be impacted by the era in which they grew up watching the game.

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