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Esports Bet Review - Best Esports Sportsbook in the Philippines

Welcome to Esports Bet Review, your reliable guide in the exhilarating world of esports betting. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive reviews, insightful analyses, and up-to-date news to seasoned bettors and newcomers. Our mission is to ensure you have all the information you need to make informed decisions, maximize your betting experience, and enjoy the thrill of esports.

Esports Bet stands out as a shining example of quality, designed exclusively to serve the devoted fans of esports contests. With a design that perfectly blends utility and aesthetics, various attractive bonuses, and a diverse range of games, Esports Bet has quickly become a trailblazer in esports betting. Let’s address some fundamental questions about this platform.

Esports Bet Review Promotions

Is Esports Bet Legal?

Esports Bet is licensed, which ensures that it adheres to regulatory requirements and provides a safe and controlled environment for users to engage in esports betting activities.

Why Trust Esports Bet?


With a genuine license supporting its activities, Esports Bet exemplifies credibility, guaranteeing consumers that it complies with legal requirements and regulatory regulations.


Navigating the Esports Bet platform is a snap, owing to its straightforward layout that caters to both rookie and seasoned bettors, increasing accessibility and convenience.

Wide Range of Games

Esports Bet curates various games, including major titles like League of Legends and Dota 2, and niche esports offers, ensuring that there is something for every gaming enthusiast.

Esports Bet App

The Esports bet app easily interacts with Esports Bet, allowing users to make bets and monitor their favorite esports events from anywhere. 

Bonuses and Promotions

Esports Bet entices players with various incentives and promotions, improving the betting experience and increasing the chance for large payouts.

Customer Support

With a dedicated customer support team, Esports Bet guarantees rapid help and resolution of any questions or problems, increasing user pleasure and trust.

Payment Methods


Esports Bet provides a wide range of withdrawal alternatives, giving consumers choice and ease when paying out their winnings.


Depositing funds into an Esports Bet account is a simple process, with various payment options available, including credit/debit cards, e-wallets, and cryptocurrencies, catering to a wide range of customer preferences.

Payout Time

Esports Bet strives to speed the payout process, allowing players to quickly access their wins and reap the benefits of their betting attempts.

Esports Bet Review - Pros and Cons




Finally, Esports Bet emerges as a legitimate force in the esports betting industry, providing a safe, user-friendly, and feature-rich platform that caters to gaming fans’ different demands and tastes worldwide. Esports Bet stands out in the ever-changing online betting market with its extensive game selection, exciting incentives, and consistent dedication to user happiness.


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Yes, Esports Bet has a legitimate license, which ensures compliance with legal requirements and provides consumers with a secure and regulated betting environment.

Esports Bet offers games, including popular titles such as League of Legends, Dota 2, and CS: GO.

Esports Bet allows various payment options for depositing funds, including credit/debit cards, e-wallets, and cryptocurrencies, giving consumers flexibility and convenience.

Yes, Esports Bet provides a wealth of incentives and promotions to encourage players and improve their betting experience, including welcome bonuses, continuing promotions, and loyalty benefits.

Unfortunately, we cannot definitively say whether Esports Bet accepts GCash as a payment method due to limited publicly available information about the platform. 

Like traditional sports betting, successful esports betting requires research, analysis, and a good understanding of the game and its players. To make informed betting decisions, it’s essential to stay informed about the latest news, team performances, and meta changes.

The highest paid esports athletes in the world are:

1. Johan “Notail” Sundstein (Dota 2) $7,184,160

2. Anatham “Ana” Pham (Dota 2) $6,401,96
3. Sebastian “Ceb” Debs (Dota 2) $5,501,233.01
4. Topias “Topson” Taavitsainen (Dota 2) $5,419,538.17
5. Jesse “JerAx” Vainikka (Dota 2) $4,992,496.48
6. Kuro “KuroKy” Takhasomi (Dota 2) $4,951,249.72
7. Peter “dupreeh” Dupreeh Blén (CSGO) $4,763,664.17
8. Marcelo “Coldzera” David (CSGO) $4,486,733.40
9. Nicolai “dev1ce” Reedtz (CSGO) $4,126,522.06
10. T1 Faker (LoL) $3,323,230.10

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