Gilas Pilipinas Salary Revealed

How much did Gilas Pilipinas and Coaches Earn for Participating in the FIBA Basketball World Cup?

The salaries of Gilas Pilipinas players in the 2023 FIBA World Cup are a hot topic of discussion among fans.

We’re here to look at the earnings of each Gilas Pilipinas player during the 2023 FIBA World Cup. We wish to dispel the suspicions and speculations about their pay, especially during the group stage. Few international basketball teams captivate fans’ hearts and minds like Gilas Pilipinas. Basketball is a popular sport in the Philippines, and Gilas Pilipinas proudly represents the country in the international arena, notably at the famous FIBA Basketball World Cup.

Remember that some of this information is from official sources; specific details come from unnamed insiders because Gilas and the organization have yet to publish the precise statistics. Let’s look at who could have earned the most and how much they’re said to have gotten

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Jordan Clarkson

Gilas Pilipinas Salary Revealed Jordan Clarkson

Jordan Clarkson, a well-known NBA player, is the crown gem of Gilas Pilipinas in terms of talent and monetary remuneration. His presence on the team is more than symbolic; it demonstrates the Philippines’ international basketball supremacy. According to Fast Break, Clarkson’s dedication to portraying his Filipino roots is apparent, with an estimated yearly income of $1 million, or nearly ₱56 million in Philippine pesos. He not only offers unrivaled abilities and expertise to the squad, but he also raises Gilas Pilipinas’ global standing.

Kai Sotto

Gilas Pilipinas Salary Revealed Kai Sotto

Kai Sotto is the face of Philippine basketball’s future. As a towering young talent, he is frequently regarded as the “next big thing” in sports. Sotto’s rumored asking price of $400,000, estimated at ₱11.4 Million, reflects his talent and the enormous expectations that have been put on him. It is based on Fast Break. While he may still be earning the same as Jordan Clarkson, it’s crucial to remember that his path is only getting started. His pay will undoubtedly climb as he continues to develop and imprint on the global scene, making him a cornerstone of Gilas Pilipinas’ ambitions.

Overseas Filipino Players

Gilas Pilipinas Salary Revealed Overseas Filipino Player

Adding Filipino players abroad, such as Dwight Ramos, AJ Edu, and Rhenz Abando, to the Gilas Pilipinas roster is a calculated strategic decision that will yield rewards not just in terms of quality but also in terms of money. These players have signed lucrative contracts with overseas teams, resulting in big salaries. Their efforts to the national team have increased its competitiveness and opened doors to lucrative possibilities overseas, solidifying the Philippines’ position in the global basketball community.

According to their existing contracts, Filipino players in other leagues earn almost three times more than PBA players, even if they receive the maximum permissible amount. Consider Rhenz Abando, a fan favorite who has joined Anyang KGC in the Korean Basketball League (KBL). In his first year, the high-flying star is expected to earn a whopping ₱9.5 million, equating to about 1.1 million per month over the six-month basketball season.

On the other hand, Dwight Ramos and AJ Edu are presently working in Japan. According to several sources, Ramos and Edu are expected to earn roughly $5 million every season, which translates to approximately $600,000 monthly. The SBP intends to equal their current monthly salary based on these data.

June Mar Fajardo & Japeth Aguilar

Gilas Pilipinas Salary Revealed Centers

Two towering giants in Philippine basketball, June Mar Fajardo and Japeth Aguilar have been persistent pillars of strength for Gilas Pilipinas. Their tremendous judicial experience, leadership, and agility have resulted in significant contracts. These contracts demonstrate their passion for the sport and critical responsibilities on the squad. Their presence gives the squad continuity and sets a high bar for prospective Filipino basketball players.

June Mar Fajardo and Japeth Aguilar, two seasoned talents, earn large PBA salaries, each pocketing hundreds of thousands of Pesos. Notably, they are among the few players with access to the maximum pay cap, which is now roughly ₱400,000 annually.

Local Talents

Gilas Pilipinas Salary Revealed Local Players

While local superstars such as Kiefer Ravena, Roger PogoyScottie Thompson, Jamie Malonzo, and CJ Perez do not earn the same stratospheric wages as their NBA counterparts, they remain the lifeblood of Gilas Pilipinas. Their commitment, work ethic, and passion for the game are unrivaled. These athletes exhibit the real spirit of national pride and represent the grassroots of Philippine basketball. While their pay may not be extravagant, their dedication to promoting the Philippines is immense.


Gilas Pilipinas Salary Revealed Coach Chot

Gilas Pilipinas coaches’ salaries are a tightly guarded secret. While we cannot disclose precise statistics, it is clear that they are handsomely rewarded for their knowledge and unrelenting devotion to the team’s success. The coaching staff is critical in developing players’ talents, formulating game strategy, and instilling a winning mindset. The outcomes on the court are a tribute to their hard work, and while their financial benefits are unknown, it is reasonable to assume that they are an essential part of Gilas Pilipinas’ quest for glory.

It is common knowledge that coaches do not earn as much as great players, yet they may still earn spectacular salaries. We have yet to determine Gilas Pilipinas head coach Chot Reyes‘ wages during the World Cup group stage. However, based on his eye-catching fashion choices, which drew much attention from netizens, one can believe that Reyes is getting paid by SBP and MVP (Manny V. Pangilinan).


To summarize, Gilas Pilipinas’ financial element is a fascinating combination of worldwide popularity, growing skills, abroad chances, and the commitment of local stars. The team’s dedication to basketball brilliance is matched by the acclaim and awards they get. While Jordan Clarkson is the highest-paid Gilas player, every player and coach adds to the team’s rich tapestry of achievement.

As basketball fans and lovers, we must value the abilities displayed on the floor and the hard work and passion that goes into establishing a world-class basketball team. Gilas Pilipinas continues to inspire future generations of Filipino basketball players and fans, and their financial and athletic trajectory is one to watch.

So, the next time you cheer for Gilas Pilipinas, remember the devotion and commitment of these athletes and coaches, whose pay reflects their exceptional contributions to Philippine basketball. Gilas Pilipinas has a bright future ahead of them, and we can’t wait to see what they do next.


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The exact salary of Gilas Pilipinas players for their participation in the FIBA Basketball World Cup isn’t publicly disclosed. However, it’s known that players receive substantial bonuses if they perform well in the tournament.

The salary of Gilas Pilipinas players in the FIBA Basketball World Cup is influenced by several factors. These include their performance, popularity, and the value they bring to the team. Additionally, the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) plays a role in determining salaries, as it pays players under contract with the league.

Beyond their salary, Gilas Pilipinas players competing in the FIBA Basketball World Cup enjoy other perks. These include free housing, transportation, and medical insurance. They also have access to top-tier training facilities.

A reasonable salary is crucial for Gilas Pilipinas players in the FIBA Basketball World Cup because it allows them to concentrate on training and preparing for the competition without financial worries. Moreover, competitive salaries help attract and retain the nation’s top basketball talent.

A reasonable salary is crucial for Gilas Pilipinas players in the FIBA Basketball World Cup because it allows them to concentrate on training and preparing for the competition without financial worries. Moreover, competitive salaries help attract and retain the nation’s top basketball talent.

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