Anyang KGC vs E-Painters Jones Cup 2023

Rain or Shine and Anyang KGC faced off at the William Jones Cup, where the reigning Korean Basketball League winners dominated from the outset, creating a dominating 22-11 lead early on and sustaining their momentum throughout the game.

This emphatic victory came just one day after Rain or Shine won their tournament opening game, a hard-fought 98-90 victory over Iran in double overtime. Despite their prior triumph, rain or Shine struggled to establish their groove against Anyang KGC.

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The Elasto Painters, who are at 1-5 in the standings, faced an uphill battle against the Koreans, who improved their record to an impressive 4-1.

Notably, former PBA import Du’Vaughn Maxwell and Ji Hoon Park delivered noteworthy performances for the Korean side. Park led the charge for his club with a game-high 25 points, while Maxwell, a familiar figure from his trips with Phoenix in the Commissioner’s Cup, provided 15 points and nine rebounds.

When Rain or Shine managed to cut a once-large 20-point advantage to a more manageable 63-73 deficit, Maxwell and Park stepped up. Their quick buckets assisted Anyang in maintaining control and securing a dominating advantage.

Guard Andre Caracut continued to impress for Rain or Impress, leading his team with 19 points. Ange Kouame, a naturalized player, also had a double-double effort, scoring 15 points and grabbing 13 rebounds.

The Elasto Painters were allowed a well-deserved rest day on Friday after six days of intensive action, beginning with the tournament opener on Saturday. They will start their campaign against the Japan U-22 squad on Saturday, followed by a final-day match against the league-leading University of Irvine on Sunday.

As the Jones Cup progresses, Anyang KGC’s strong performance against Rain or Shine has cemented its status as a formidable competitor. At the same time, Rain or Shine hopes to rebound in future matches and improve their ranking in the tournament.

William Jones Cup Standing

University of California-Irvine (USA)6011
Chinese Taipei Blue-A408
Anyang KGC (Korea)418
Chinese Taipei White-B226
Qatar NT237
United Arab Emirates NT237
Iran NT B135
Rain or Shine (Philippines)166
Japan U22 NT044

Finally, the Jones Cup match between Rain or Shine and Anyang KGC demonstrated Rain or Shine’s indisputable power as the defending Korean Basketball League winner. Their dominating lead from the start, along with exceptional performances from Du’Vaughn Maxwell and Ji Hoon Park, proved their tenacity and brilliance on the court.

Despite their gallant efforts and recent hard-fought triumph against Iran, Rain or Shine struggled to establish their footing against the strong might of Anyang KGC. The game emphasized the difficulties and intensity of international basketball competitions, where each match might provide unforeseen twists and turns.

As the Jones Cup event develops, both sides will encounter new hurdles and opportunities to demonstrate their abilities. Despite setbacks, Rain or Shine’s journey provides an opportunity for growth and a platform to reorganize for future battles. Meanwhile, Anyang KGC’s steady results have established them as a formidable competitor with the potential to create a lasting impression on the competition.

Basketball fans worldwide look forward to the remaining Jones Cup contests as teams compete for dominance on the floor. The competition serves as a reminder of the tenacity, collaboration, and individual genius that characterize this cherished sport, and it will have a memorable effect on both players and fans.


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