Coach Guiao Tough Task

Guiao Admits Tough Task Ahead for RoS in Jones Cup

The upcoming 42nd Jones Cup presents a challenging task for Rain or Shine (RoS) coach Yeng Guiao. With tough competition from various national teams, Guiao is well aware of the pressure on his team to perform at their best. However, he remains committed to bringing the same gung-ho spirit and proudly representing the country.

Guiao recognizes that the competition will be challenging, with formidable national teams such as Iran, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, and the host country (Teams A and B) vying for the title. Additionally, the U-21 team of Japan, the University of California, Irvine from the US, and the Korean Basketball League (KBL) and East Asia Super League (EASL) champions, Anyang KGC, led by former NBA player Omari Spellman, will also be among the contenders.

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Interestingly, the Philippines was the reigning champion in the last Jones Cup held in 2019 when Mighty Sports represented it with a lineup of talented imports and Filipino-American players. However, Guiao points out that this time, Rain or Shine will be competing with an entirely homegrown, organic team, which presents a different dynamic compared to having multiple imports.

Rain or Shine will be reinforced by naturalized player Ange Kouame and veteran big man Nick Evans to strengthen their lineup. The team is fully committed to the competition, with veteran player Gabe Norwood cutting short his vacation in the US to participate in the Jones Cup.

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Guiao expresses gratitude to Rain or Shine’s co-team owners, Raymund Yu and Terry Que, for immediately accepting the Samahang Basketbol ng Pilipinas (SBP) invitation through the PBA to join the Jones Cup. He commends their unwavering support for the national team, recalling a similar gesture when they lent their players to the Gilas Pilipinas team during the 2018 Asian Games in Indonesia.

With the team’s determination and the support of their owners, Rain or Shine is prepared to give their all and represent the Philippines to the best of their abilities in the challenging Jones Cup. Despite the formidable competition, the team’s resilience and dedication may lead them to succeed in the prestigious tournament as they aim to bring pride and honor to the country again.

Key Players

Two key players have been added to the roster to bolster the RoS lineup. The first is the naturalized player Ange Kouame, who has proven to be a force on the court with his versatility and skill. The second is veteran big man Nick Evans, whose experience and leadership will be crucial during the week-long competition.


Facing formidable opponents worldwide, RoS needs a solid game plan to increase its chances of success in the Jones Cup. Here are some key strategies that can help the team excel:

Emphasize Team Unity

One of RoS’s strengths is its cohesiveness as a team. By emphasizing unity and camaraderie, they can create a strong bond on and off the court, which can translate into better chemistry during games. Team spirit and support for one another will be vital in facing tough challenges.

Leverage Guiao's Coaching Expertise

Coach Yeng Guiao’s experience and tactical insight will be instrumental in guiding the team. His ability to make quick decisions and adjustments during games can give RoS a competitive edge. Moreover, his leadership can instill confidence and determination in the players, motivating them to perform at their peak.

Utilize Kouame's Versatilityng Expertise

Ange Kouame’s versatility as a naturalized player offers numerous strategic options. His ability to play multiple positions, both on offense and defense, allows Guiao to adapt to the team’s playing style to exploit opponents’ weaknesses effectively.

Capitalize on Evans' Experience

Nick Evans’ experience as a veteran player can be invaluable in high-pressure situations. His knowledge of the game and ability to lead by example can inspire the younger players and contribute to their overall growth and development throughout the tournament.defense, allows Guiao to adapt to the team’s playing style to exploit opponents’ weaknesses effectively.

Focus on Defense

In any international competition, strong defensive play is essential. RoS must work on their defensive strategies and be prepared to effectively challenge their opponents’ offenses. A well-coordinated defensive effort can help them disrupt the game flow and create scoring opportunities.

Adaptability to Opponents

Facing various national teams with different playing styles requires adaptability. RoS must be quick to assess their opponent’s strengths and weaknesses and adjust their gameplay accordingly. Flexibility and adaptability are crucial in a competition of this magnitude.


The pressure is undoubtedly on RoS as they prepare for the 42nd Jones Cup. However, with Coach Yeng Guiao’s leadership, the addition of critical players Ange Kouame and Nick Evans, and a strategic approach that emphasizes team unity, adaptability, and strong defense, the team has the potential to excel on the international stage.

As fans and supporters, we believe in the capabilities of our national team and their determination to represent the country with pride. Let us rally behind Rain or Shine and show our unwavering support as they embark on this challenging journey.


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