PBA Salary in the Philippines: What You Need to Know

The Philippine Basketball Association, or PBA, is one of the most prestigious basketball leagues in the Philippines, with millions of avid fans nationwide. As a professional league, the PBA offers competitive salaries to its players, making it an attractive career choice for many aspiring basketball players in the Philippines. In this article, we’ll explore the PBA salary system and shed some light on what players can expect to earn if they pursue a career in the league.

PBA Salary System

The PBA has a structured salary system considering players’ experience, skills, and performance. The league operates under a salary cap, meaning teams can only spend up to a certain amount on player salaries. The league’s board of governors determines the salary cap based on the league’s total revenue.

Under the PBA’s salary system, players are classified into three categories: A, B, and C. Category A players are the most experienced and skilled players in the league and are paid the highest salaries. Category B players are the next tier, while Category C players are the least experienced and professional.

PBA Salary System

PBA Salary Ranges

The PBA’s salary ranges vary depending on a player’s category and experience. Category A players, who are the most experienced and skilled, can earn as much as PHP 420,000 ($8,500) per month or PHP 5,040,000 ($102,000) annually. Category B players can earn up to PHP 255,000 ($5,200) monthly or PHP 3,060,000 ($62,000) annually. Category C players, who are the least experienced and skilled, can earn up to PHP 150,000 ($3,000) monthly or PHP 1,800,000 ($36,000) annually.

It’s worth noting that the salary ranges mentioned above are not fixed and can vary depending on a player’s performance and negotiations with their team. Top-performing players can earn much more than the salary ranges mentioned above, while less experienced or underperforming players may earn less.

PBA Salary vs. Other Basketball Leagues

The PBA’s salary ranges are relatively modest compared to other basketball leagues in Asia. For example, in China’s top basketball league, the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA), top players can earn as much as $3 million per year, while in Japan’s B.League, top players can earn up to $1.5 million per year. However, it’s worth noting that the PBA’s salary system is more structured and fair, and the league’s players are still some of the highest-paid athletes in the Philippines.


In conclusion, the PBA offers a competitive salary system considering a player’s experience, skills, and performance. While the league’s salary ranges are relatively modest compared to other basketball leagues in Asia, the PBA’s salary system is structured and fair, ensuring that players are paid according to their skills and experience. Aspiring basketball players in the Philippines can pursue a career in the PBA and earn a decent living while playing the sport they love.

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How much do PBA players get paid?

The salary of PBA players is capped at P420,000 a month. However, the actual salary of a player will depend on his experience, skills, and marketability. Rookies are only allowed to earn a maximum of P200,000 a month in their first year.

Does the PBA have a salary cap?

Yes, the PBA has a salary cap of P50 million per team. This means that team can only spend up to P50 million on player salaries in a season.

What are the other forms of compensation that PBA players receive?

In addition to their salaries, PBA players also receive bonuses for winning games, making the playoffs, and winning championships. They also receive other benefits, such as housing allowances, medical insurance, and retirement plans.

How does the PBA determine the salary of a player?

The PBA salary of a player is determined by several factors, including his experience, skills, marketability, and the team's salary cap. The team and the player will negotiate the salary, and the PBA Commissioner will make the final decision.

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