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Why June Mar Fajardo is the Number 1 Top PBA Richest Player in the Philippines?

One name appears the brightest in Philippine basketball, not only for his on-court prowess but also for his remarkable financial success. June Mar Fajardo, a towering figure in both the game and the realm of fortune, is the Philippines’ undisputed No. 1 PBA Richest Player. In this extensive article, we will explore the remarkable voyage that has made Fajardo a sports icon in the Philippines and a symbol of financial success.

Early Years and Humble Origins

The narrative of June Mar Fajardo exemplifies the power of dedication and unwavering commitment to one’s goals. Fajardo was born to a modest family on November 17, 1989, in Cebu City, Philippines. His mother, Marites Fajardo, was a homemaker, while his father, Bonifacio Fajardo, was a tricycle driver. Despite his limited resources, June Mar discovered his affection for basketball at a young age in a country where basketball is a national obsession.

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Rising for Basketball Recognition

Fajardo’s path to becoming the wealthiest player in the PBA began in local basketball competitions. He honed his talents while playing for the University of Cebu (UC) Webmasters in college, attracting the attention of recruiters. His towering stature of 6 feet 10 inches made him a formidable opponent on the court. Fajardo was drafted into the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) as the first overall selection by the Petron Blaze Boosters (now known as the San Miguel Beermen) in 2012 after leading UC to multiple championships.

Fajardo’s influence was undeniable when he strode onto a PBA court. As a result of his ability to dominate the boards and secure the rim, he earned the appellation “The Kraken” almost immediately. Multiple PBA Most Valuable Player (MVP) awards, All-Star selections, and championships with the San Miguel Beermen resulted from his on-court excellence.


While Fajardo’s earnings from basketball contracts alone would be impressive, his financial success soared thanks to great and impressive endorsement deals. His charisma and reputation as a sports icon made him a sought-after figure for companies looking to promote their products and services. Brands from various industries, including sportswear and consumer goods, clamored to have Fajardo as their ambassador.

These endorsement deals bolstered his income and elevated his status as a household name in the Philippines. His face graced billboards, TV commercials, and magazine covers, further solidifying his position as the Philippines’ Number 1 Top PBA Richest Player.

You can view the below video of one of his endorsement on SMB.

Entreprenurship and Investments

Fajardo displayed remarkable business acumen beyond the basketball court and the world of endorsements. He ventured into entrepreneurship and invested in various industries. His investments in real estate, restaurants, farm, piggery, apartment, and other businesses have diversified his income streams, making him a wealthy athlete and a savvy businessman.

Fajardo’s strategic investments have not only secured his financial future but have also created job opportunities and contributed to the growth of the Philippine economy. His commitment to giving back to his community and supporting local businesses has endeared him to fans and admirers.


One of the distinguishing traits of June Mar Fajardo is his unwavering commitment to philanthropy. Despite his enormous wealth, he remains deeply rooted in his humble beginnings. Fajardo has initiated and supported various charitable endeavors, focusing on education, healthcare, and sports development for underprivileged children.

His foundation, the June Mar Fajardo Foundation, has provided scholarships, medical assistance, and sports programs to those in need. Fajardo’s dedication to positively impacting society underscores not only his financial success but also his commitment to using his wealth for the greater good.

The Legacy of June Mar Fajardo

As we reflect on the incredible journey of June Mar Fajardo, it becomes evident why he holds the title of the Number 1 Top PBA Richest Player in the Philippines. From his humble beginnings in Cebu to becoming a basketball legend and a symbol of financial success, Fajardo’s story is one of determination, hard work, and unwavering dedication.

In conclusion, June Mar Fajardo’s rise to wealth and prominence is a testament to what can be achieved through talent, perseverance, and a commitment to excellence. He stands tall as the Number 1 Top PBA Richest Player in the Philippines, a title he has earned through his incredible journey from humble beginnings to unparalleled financial success.

His remarkable career, both on and off the court, inspires aspiring athletes and entrepreneurs alike. June Mar Fajardo has not only dominated the PBA but has also conquered the world of finance through strategic investments and endorsement deals.

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