Chris Ross Dual Role in SMB

Chris Ross Takes on Dual Role as Playing Assitant Coach at SMB

Chris Ross has been designated as a playing assistant coach for the upcoming PBA season at San Miguel, giving him a unique dual duty within the organization. Ross is 38 years old and entering his 14th season in the league; this new position adds an enticing dimension to his career.

Ross disclosed that Alfrancis Chua, the athletics director for San Miguel, appointed him only five days ago. He clarified that he is now an assistant coach but emphasized that he will continue actively participating on the court. This arrangement is unusual in professional basketball, but it demonstrates the team’s confidence in Ross’s abilities as a player and coach.

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Ross commented on the appointment during the PBA Media Day, stating, “I don’t know if anyone has that designation, but Boss Al called me last week while I was asleep. Three hours later, I awoke with two missed calls… I texted him back, and he called me five minutes later to say, “I know you still have years left in your playing career, but I also want to appoint you as an assistant coach.”

Since his appointment, Ross has begun participating in coaches’ meetings. He joked, “I’ve been on the job for approximately five days and have attended one coaches’ meeting. However, I informed Coach G (team manager Gee Abanilla) that I would not be considered formal until I received all the coaching uniforms. Once I obtain them, it will be official.”

Despite his new coaching responsibilities and recent calf injury sustained during practice, Ross is devoted to participating in the upcoming season. The veteran San Miguel player has lofty ambitions to extend his two-year playing tenure.

“I legitimately injured my calf during yesterday’s practice. The day prior, I was playing. Today, I began working as a coach. I am a player first and foremost, but I must still attend all the coaches’ meetings and do all the other things. But playing comes first, and I know the end is nigh whenever I decide to retire. I promised myself that I would play until the age of 40. “Perhaps I’ll make the switch in the next two years,” Ross explained.

This dual role is a testament to Ross’s versatility and experience in the sport, and it will be fascinating to see how he balances his responsibilities as a player and a coach for the San Miguel team.


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