PBA Set to enforce new Rules

PBA's Rule Changes for Season 48: What to Expect

The PBA is preparing for Season 48 by implementing fresh regulations that guarantee to introduce exhilaration and tactical changes to the game.

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One significant alteration is the cessation of players’ timeouts. Commencing this season, players would be deprived of the prerogative to request timeouts during PBA games. This adjustment is a component of a more extensive array of regulatory modifications the league is enacting for the Commissioner’s Cup.

Commissioner Willie Marcial disclosed that a competition committee has been formed to evaluate the rule amendments proposed for this season meticulously. Revoking players’ timeout rights was one of the findings of this review.

“During the Season 48 press conference, Marcial declared that players will no longer be allowed to take timeouts.”

The commissioner clarified that this modification is intended to synchronize PBA rules more closely with FIBA standards. Its significance lies in that the PBA is the main reservoir of talent for Gilas Pilipinas, the national men’s basketball team, participating in international competitions under FIBA regulations. According to the latest regulation, only coaches can request timeouts.

The game has been enhanced by the official integration of the coaches’ challenge. Coaches will possess the capability to contest a referee’s decision, however, with a distinctive variation. Each coach is limited to initiating a challenge just once. If their challenge is successful, they are granted the privilege to make another challenge. However, a failed challenge will not lead to a team forfeiting one of its timeouts, as was previously experimented with during the pre-season On Tour.

Marcial specified, “You are only faced with a single obstacle. Upon achieving achievement, you are presented with an additional obstacle. However, an unsuccessful challenge will not result in a deduction of timeout.

During the pre-season On Tour, every team was given the chance to challenge calls twice in a game, once in the first and once in the second half. Nevertheless, the team would forfeit one of their timeouts in a failed challenge.

The competition committee has since improved this regulation through feedback and practical experience, resulting in the amended method that will be implemented in the future season.

All 12 teams’ coaches were informed of the rule modifications at a meeting on October 3 at the PBA Office, led by Deputy Commissioner Eric Castro. These rule modifications can introduce fresh elements to the game, promoting equity and tactics while guaranteeing that players and coaches conform to global basketball standards.


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