Cavitex Capture Leg 4 Championship 2023

PBA 3x3: Napoles Takes the Throne as Scoring Leader

Jorey Napoles, a key player for CAVITEX, solidified his position as one of the top performers in the PBA 3×3 Season 3 First Conference. Napoles showcased his prowess in various statistical categories during the six-leg preliminaries.

Napoles claimed the title of the leading scorer in the preliminaries, amassing an impressive total of 204 points across 34 games, averaging six points per match. He outperformed Ken Bono from San Miguel (171), Ralph Cu from Ginebra (143), Meralco’s Alfred Batino (139), and Joseph Sedurifa (137).

Cavitex Capture Leg 4 Championship

Standing 6 feet 4 inches tall and hailing from Daraga, Albay, Napoles emerged as the most accurate free throw shooter in the season’s opening tournament, sinking 23 successful free throws. He also secured the second spot for the most two-pointers made, with 34 shots, trailing only behind TNT’s sharpshooter Almond Vosotros, who netted 41.

Despite Vosotros being the perennial scoring champion of the league, he landed in sixth place for total points this season, recording 134 points over 19 games. He also secured the sixth spot for steals with 14.

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In addition to his scoring abilities, Napoles dominated the shot-blocking statistics with 26 blocks, surpassing Triple Giga’s Samboy de Leon (16) and Lervin Flores (16). He also ranked third in rebounds, securing 143 total boards, trailing behind Chester Saldua (164) and Cu (164) from SMB.

Having showcased his all-around skills, the bronze medalist from the 2021 Southeast Asian Games 3×3 tournament secured the fourth spot in assists, totaling 57 throughout the season.

Cu emerged as the leading playmaker of the season with 90 assists, averaging 3.46 per game. Saldua (64), Wilcon Depot’s T.H. Tumalip (64), and Napoles followed him. Tumalip also held the top position in steals, recording 26 values ahead of Cavitex’s Dominick Fajardo (22) and Tonino Gonzaga (20).

These standout performers from the PBA 3×3 are expected to lead their respective teams in the First Conference Grand Finals, scheduled to take place on Sunday at Ayala Malls Market! Market!

PBA 3x3: Cavitex Ousts TNT to Capture Leg 4 Championship

In a triumphant victory, the Cavitex Braves secured the championship title in Leg 4 of the PBA 3×3 Season 3 First Conference by defeating TNT Triple Giga with a score of 21-17.

Jorey Napoles, who contributed eight points, five rebounds, and three assists, sealed the title-winning basket on Tuesday at Ayala Malls Circuit in Makati.

Dominick Fajardo added five points to Cavitex’s tally, while Bong Galanza and Kenneth Ighalo scored four points in the victorious match, earning them P100,000 in prize money.

On their journey to the championship, the Braves overcame Northport in the quarterfinals with a score of 21-16 and outlasted Meralco in the semifinals with a score of 17-15. This victory ended their series of podium finishes in the previous three legs.

Meanwhile, TNT advanced to the finals after defeating San Miguel in the quarterfinals with a score of 21-14 and narrowly overcoming Wilcon Depot in the semifinals with a close score of 22-20.

Although Triple Giga experienced a defeat in the finals, preventing them from securing back-to-back leg victories this season, they still earned a cash prize of P50,000.

In the battle for third place, Meralco triumphed over Wilcon Depot with a game-winning shot by Joseph Sedurifa. Sedurifa contributed eight points to the match, while the top scorer for Meralco was Alfred Batino, with 12 points. This victory earned Meralco a prize of P30,000.

PBA 3x3: Cavitex Ousts TNT to Capture Leg 4 Championship

Jorey Napoles of Cavitex Braves: Napoles has taken the league by storm, claiming the title of the new scoring leader with an impressive average of 6 points per game across 34 matches. His dominance extends beyond scoring, as he also led in shot blocks with 26, secured the third spot in rebounding with 143, and demonstrated his playmaking abilities with 57 assists.

Dominick Fajardo of Cavitex Braves: Fajardo exhibits versatility across the court, contributing to scoring, rebounding, and defensive efforts. In Leg 4 of the conference, he maintained an average of 5 points per game.

Bong Galanza of Cavitex Braves: Galanza excels as a lockdown defender while also displaying scoring prowess from the perimeter. He achieved an average of 4 points per game in Leg 4 of the conference.

Kenneth Ighalo of Cavitex Braves: Ighalo’s physical presence and ability to score effectively in the paint make him a notable asset. He maintained an average of 4 points per game in Leg 4 of the conference.

Lervin Flores of TNT Triple Giga: Flores is recognized for his dynamic scoring capabilities and playmaking for his teammates. He held an average of 7 points per game in Leg 4 of the conference.

Almond Vosotros of TNT Triple Giga: Vosotros, a two-time scoring champion, is renowned for his exceptional long-range shooting. He maintained an average of 6 points per game in Leg 4 of the conference.

Alfred Batino of Meralco Bolts: Batino’s tenacious defense and ability to contribute points from the perimeter make him a valuable asset. He showcased an impressive average of 12 points per game in Leg 4 of the conference.

Joseph Sedurifa of Meralco Bolts: Sedurifa shines as a clutch shooter who also contributes to rebounding and defensive efforts. His pivotal performance included an 8-point contribution in Meralco’s victory over Wilcon Depot in the battle for third place.


Final Scores

Cavitex 21 — Napoles 8, Fajardo 5, Galanza 4, Ighalo 4. TNT 17 — Flores 7, Vosotros 6, Exciminiano 2, De Leon 2.

Battle for Third:

Meralco 21 — Batino 12, Sedurifa 8, Santos 1, Caduyac 0. Wilcon Depot 20 — Andrada 6, Banal 5, Vigil 5, Tumalip 4.


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