Jio Jalalon Fined Half a Month's Salary for Unauthorized Basketball Game 2023

Jio Jalalon, the talented Filipino professional basketball player, has found himself in hot water again due to his involvement in the latest ‘ligand labs or unauthorized basketball games. This time, the penalty is harsher than before. Jalalon has been fined half a month’s salary for his actions, and his reputation has taken a hit in the media. As a team, we take these kinds of infractions very seriously. We understand that our players are public figures and role models for the youth. We want to clarify that any behavior against our values and regulations will not be tolerated. Jalalon’s participation in an unauthorized game puts him at risk of injury and undermines our league’s integrity. We have strict protocols in place to ensure the safety of our players and the fairness of our games. Allowing players to participate in unsanctioned games undermines these protocols and sends the wrong message to our fans and the public.
Jio Jalalon

We want to emphasize that this is not the first time Jalalon has been involved in a ‘ligand lab.’ He has been reprimanded for similar actions in the past. As a result, we have decided to impose a harsher penalty this time.

We hope this penalty serves as a wake-up call for Jalalon and other players considering participating in unauthorized games. We want to remind them of their responsibilities as professional athletes and team and league representatives.

We also want to assure our fans that we take their safety and enjoyment of our games very seriously. We will continue to monitor and enforce our protocols to ensure that our games are played fairly and safely.


In conclusion, Jio Jalalon’s recent fine emphasizes the importance of adhering to league regulations and the responsibilities of being a professional athlete. In addition, it serves as a lesson to all players to prioritize their commitments to their teams and uphold the integrity of the sport. 

While we are disappointed in Jalalon’s actions, the penalty imposed is appropriate, given the severity of the offense. We hope this serves as a lesson for all our players and that they continue to uphold our team’s values and regulations.