RR Pogoy Expects to be back

RR Pogoy's Inspiring Comeback

RR Pogoy, the Gilas and TNT sniper is going through a difficult time in his basketball career. He has been ruled out of the next PBA Commissioner’s Cup due to myocarditis, a heart muscle infection. Pogoy, on the other hand, is steadfast in his goal to return to court, hoping to be back in action within six months.

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Pogoy candidly shared his health and his everlasting faith in a recent interview during a game between his alma school, Far Eastern University (FEU), and Ateneo. “I promise that I will return,” he said. I have faith in the Lord that I shall return.”

During Gilas’ preparations for the Asian Games, the 31-year-old TNT guard discovered he had a cardiac problem. “After the World Cup, while Gilas was training,” he explained, “I decided to get myself checked.” I couldn’t practice, which is when I discovered.” This unexpected turn of circumstances concerned him, especially given his outstanding performance at the World Cup.

Because there is no medicine, especially for myocarditis, his physicians have advised rest as the primary therapy. Pogoy had a battery of tests to confirm the diagnosis. Despite the uncertainty, he stays optimistic and credits his strength to trusting the Lord and his family’s support.

Pogoy’s rehabilitation path demonstrates his tenacity and unshakeable attitude. During his six-month break, he will continue mending and preparing for a victorious comeback to the sport he adores. His persistence and optimistic approach serve as an example to everybody, demonstrating that with faith and drive, even the most difficult hurdles can be conquered. Pogoy’s tale shows how failures may lead to tremendous success, and his return will surely be one to watch in the basketball world.


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