Ginebra Winning Formula Tony Bishop Championship Aspirations 2024

Ginebra's Winning Formula: Tony Bishop Continuity Advantage in the PBA Commissioner's Cup

In the 2017 PBA Commissioner’s Cup, Barangay Ginebra draws inspiration from an old strategy: sticking with a single import throughout the season. Tony Bishop, the designated successor to the famous Justin Brownlee, has quickly stepped into the job and is an integral part of Ginebra’s current title defense.

Unlike some of their playoff opponents, Ginebra has chosen stability by keeping Tony Bishop as their import, a choice that has likely helped to their remarkable 7-3 record in 10 conference games. Coach Tim Cone, the man behind Ginebra’s success, emphasized the importance of having a consistent import, incredibly when filling the shoes of a player as significant as Justin Brownlee.

“That’s critical,” Cone says of the team’s mindset. That has always been a strength of our group. We have a sophisticated system, and you must grow within it. We don’t expect guys to come in and pick it up straight immediately.” This feeling emphasizes the complexities of Ginebra’s playing style and the need for players to gradually adapt to the team’s dynamics.

Tony Bishop’s attempts to fit smoothly into the Ginebra system have demonstrated statistical proficiency and a dedication to studying the subtleties of the team’s approach. Bishop posted an outstanding stat line of 26 points, 16 rebounds, and five steals in a crucial win over NorthPort, confirming his presence on both sides of the floor.

Recognizing the learning curve, Bishop stresses his commitment to understanding the team’s style of play, saying, “I’m nearly there.” We’re ten games in, and I’m getting close. I’ve been working hard every day to learn the offense and the guys. I’m studying and working hard.”

Coach Tim Cone agrees, acknowledging Bishop’s hard work and progress inside the system. “He’s worked hard to integrate himself in what we do, and as you can see, he’s getting better at it,” Cone says of the long-term aim. That’s the goal: for him to improve and be where he wants to be come playoff time. And it’s a massive benefit for us to have Tony in the lineup the entire time.

As Barangay Ginebra attempts to recreate their past championship success with Justin Brownlee, the team’s devotion to stability and the gradual integration of Tony Bishop into their system emerges as a critical aspect in their current title defense. This planned approach will pave the path for future success as they face the obstacles of the playoffs.


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