Gilas OQT Spot in Paris Olympics

Gilas Secures OQT Spot with 24th Place Finish by Defeating the Dragons

Despite losing out on a straight ticket to the Paris Olympics, Gilas Pilipinas earned a spot in the Olympic Qualifying Tournament (OQT) following a solid result in the FIBA World Cup. They ended their World Cup campaign on a strong note, defeating China 96-75 on Saturday, September 2.

Gilas Pilipinas finished 24th out of 32 competing nations, earning one of the 19 OQT places available at the World Cup with a final record of 1 win and four defeats.

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The squad qualified for the OQT by finishing second in Group M, trailing South Sudan (3-2) and edging out Angola and China in a three-way tie courtesy of a more substantial point difference.

This triumph was a tremendous accomplishment for Gilas Pilipinas, lifting the morale of the national team and the entire country. Furthermore, it gave a ray of optimism for their Olympic aspirations in Paris in 2024.

Gilas effectively became the bronze medallist among Asian teams in the competition, trailing Japan (3-2) and Lebanon (2-3) because of Jordan Clarkson’s remarkable 24-point outburst in the third quarter. While Japan won an automatic Asian entrance to the Paris Games, the Philippines, and Lebanon qualified for the Olympics through the difficult OQT.

Lebanon finished 23rd in the FIBA World Cup, and the Philippines were rated ahead of Mexico, Angola, Côte d’Ivoire, Cape Verde, China, Venezuela, Iran, and Jordan. This was a significant improvement after their last-place result in the 2019 World Cup, characterized by crushing defeats.

The exuberant crowd of nearly 11,000 at the arena and millions more fans watching on TV and other platforms applauded the triumph.

Regarding OQT qualifying, the World Cup offers a straight route to the Olympics, with seven teams obtaining outright Olympic berths: the top two teams from the Americas and Europe, as well as the best teams from Africa, Asia, and Oceania. Australia, South Sudan, and Japan are among the countries that have gained Olympic berths through this path, joining host France in the 12-team Olympic field.

Teams who did not secure automatic Olympic qualifying will have one more chance to compete in the OQT. According to FIBA criteria, the top eight teams from the Americas, Africa, and Asia-Oceania will progress to the Olympic Qualification Tournament, along with the best 16 teams from the World Cup.

Consequently, 24 teams will compete in the OQT, separated into four groups, with the champions of each group gaining tickets to the Paris Olympics.

FIBA World Cup Ranking (17th-32nd)

17. South Sudan (Olympic Qualification)
18. France (Olympic Qualifier)
19. Japan (Olympic Qualifier)
20. Egypt (Eligible for OQT)
21. Finland (OQT Qualified)
22. New Zealand (OQT Qualified)
23. Lebanon (OQT Qualified)
24. Philippines (OQT Qualified)
25. Mexico (OQT Qualified)
26. Angola (OQT Qualified)
27. Ivory Coast (OQT Qualified)
28. The island of Cape Verde
29. China
30. Venezuela
31. Iran
32. Jordan


Gilas Pilipinas has demonstrated endurance and unrelenting commitment in a fantastic trip through the FIBA World Cup. They have not only given glory to their country by gaining 24th rank and an OQT ticket with a spectacular victory against China, but they have also opened the door to more fantastic Olympic dreams. The Filipino basketball team is carrying the aspirations and ambitions of a nation with them as they prepare for the forthcoming Olympic Qualifying Tournament, reminding everyone that even in the face of hardship, they can attain greatness in the world arena. Gilas Pilipinas’ tale is a fantastic example of the power of perseverance and collaboration in athletics.


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