Gilas Pilipinas Winless on FBWC

Gilas Pilipinas Still Winless on FIBA Basketball World Cup

South Sudan’s basketball team demolished the Philippines’ dreams of securing a straight berth in the Olympics in an unexpected turn of events. The game was held at the Smart Araneta Coliseum, where the South Sudanese squad defeated our Gilas Pilipinas with a total score of 87-68.

The South Sudanese team’s shooting accuracy was superb, posing a significant test to our Gilas Pilipinas defense. The South Sudanese maintained their advantage throughout the game, leaving our squad trying to come up. They had already created a significant 21-point advantage before halftime, leading 51-30.

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Moreover, despite our previous troubles in the FIBA World Cup, the match against South Sudan in the classification stage was also not in our favor. Our squad struggled to keep up with the South Sudanese players, and the setback dashed our hopes of competing in the Olympics in Paris.

With a track record of not winning any of our previous four FIBA World Cup first-round matches, our Gilas Pilipinas is now in a do-or-die position against our Asian adversary, China. Our players must rise and give it their all in the upcoming game to earn a much-needed victory.

The South Sudanese squad, led by coach Royal Ivey and assistant coach Luol Deng, displayed exceptional speed and accuracy, making it difficult for our side to compete on the same level. It’s worth noting that China and Lebanon secured their first victories, adding to our difficulty.

Despite our team’s courageous attempt in the second half, narrowing the gap to four points at 56-60, the South Sudanese players demonstrated great tenacity and talent. They returned even more robust and sealed their triumph with a tremendous 20-7 run.

Carlik Jones of the Chicago Bulls emerged as a notable player for the South Sudanese side, helping them to a solid finish. Nuni Omot, a 6-9 forward, Khaman Madit Maluach, a 7-1 center, and Majok Deng, an outstanding shooter, were all significant contributors. During our team’s second-half solid comeback, Dwight Ramos showed off his outside shooting ability.

Despite our efforts, the South Sudanese team proved a powerful opponent, making the game difficult for us. Our players must recover, learn from their mistakes, and prepare to face China in a game that may turn things around for us.


To summarize, the game between Gilas Pilipinas and the South Sudanese basketball team was difficult and discouraging for Filipino supporters. The South Sudanese squad’s superb shooting talents and powerful defense made it impossible for Gilas Pilipinas to clinch a victory, culminating in an 87-68 defeat. Despite our team’s brave attempts and a spirited second-half comeback, the South Sudanese players showed resilience and talent, finally securing the victory.

While the setback dampens our chances of qualifying for the Paris Olympics, Gilas Pilipinas must not lose heart. This setback may be a tremendous learning experience for our gamers, driving them to train harder, strategize better, and fine-tune their skills. The forthcoming encounter against China is our team’s final chance for redemption, and we must approach it with dedication and a great desire to achieve.


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