Gilas Pilipinas vs Senegal

Gilas Pilipinas Seizes Redemption with Dominant Victory Over Senegal

In an exciting showcase of talent and determination, the Philippine national basketball team, Gilas Pilipinas, secured a resounding 75-63 victory against Senegal during their penultimate game in the 2023 Heyuan WUS International Basketball Tournament. The momentous match occurred on a Sunday at the prestigious Heyuan Sports Gymnasium, leaving basketball enthusiasts in awe.

Gilas vs Senegal

The win marked a significant redemption for Gilas Pilipinas, as they had previously suffered a setback at the hands of Senegal in a hard-fought battle, resulting in a 72-64 defeat in their earlier encounter last Friday. Eager to avenge their loss and showcase their prowess on the international stage, the Filipino athletes came into the game with determination and a laser-sharp focus.

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Both teams displayed their basketball prowess throughout the thrilling contest, thrilling the audience with their skillful plays and unwavering passion. As the final quarter approached, Gilas Pilipinas was trailing by six points, facing a challenging 53-47 deficit against the resilient Senegal squad.

However, the Filipino players refused to back down and displayed remarkable resilience. They rallied together, igniting a fiery comeback that would leave a lasting impression on the spectators and their opponents alike. The dynamic duo of CJ Perez and Bobby Ray Parks became the driving force behind Gilas’ resurgence, leading their team with exceptional plays and a winning spirit.

Parks, whose performance in the fourth quarter would prove instrumental to the team’s success, delivered eight crucial points during the period. His well-timed plays and incredible scoring prowess were pivotal in turning the tide in favor of Gilas Pilipinas. CJ Perez, the team’s prolific scorer, contributed significantly with 14 points, showcasing his versatility and determination to clinch victory.

As the game’s intensity soared, tensions mounted, and the Heyuan Sports Gymnasium was filled with an electrifying atmosphere. Jean Boissy of Senegal attempted to halt Gilas’ momentum with a game-tying three-pointer, briefly thwarting the Filipino team’s advance. However, Bobby Ray Parks continued his relentless assault on the basket, pouring in six consecutive points that sparked Gilas’ thunderous storm on the court.

Crucial three-pointers from AJ Edu and Kiefer Ravena further cemented Gilas Pilipinas’ dominance, extinguishing any hopes of a Senegalese comeback. Standing tall at 6-foot-10, Edu led the Filipino team with a phenomenal performance, tallying an impressive 15 points, including three expertly executed three-point shots and grabbing seven crucial rebounds.

Dwight Ramos, another standout player for Gilas Pilipinas, showcased his all-around skills by adding 12 points to the team’s tally. Notably, he also contributed eight rebounds and two assists, demonstrating his ability to impact the game in multiple ways.

The game’s final rebounding count revealed that Gilas had significantly improved in this aspect compared to their last encounter with Senegal. The final tally stood at 39-40, favoring Senegal by just one rebound, a testament to the Filipino team’s determination to excel in all facets of the game.

Gilas Pilipinas’ cohesive and exceptional performance highlighted their potential as a force to be reckoned with in the international basketball scene. As they head into their final game in the three-nation meet against Iran, they carry the momentum of this decisive victory and the belief that they can conquer any challenge that comes their way.

Senegal’s sole double-digit scorer, Jean Boissy, who previously showcased his talents in the NBA Summer League, tallied 16 points for his team. Despite his impressive performance, it was not enough to overcome Gilas Pilipinas’ sheer determination and skillful execution.

With their heads held high and their spirits soaring, Gilas Pilipinas looks forward to their final game against Iran. Their thrilling victory against Senegal has shown the world that Filipino athletes possess the heart and skill to compete on the global stage, and they are determined to leave an indelible mark in the 2023 Heyuan WUS International Basketball Tournament.


In conclusion, Gilas Pilipinas’ resounding victory over Senegal in the 2023 Heyuan WUS International Basketball Tournament was a testament to the team’s unwavering spirit, determination, and exceptional basketball skills. The game showcased the Filipino athletes’ ability to bounce back from adversity and exact vengeance on their opponents.

Led by the dynamic duo of CJ Perez and Bobby Ray Parks, Gilas Pilipinas mounted an impressive comeback in the final quarter, erasing the deficit and seizing control of the game. Parks’ sensational performance in the fourth quarter, along with timely contributions from AJ Edu and Kiefer Ravena, ensured a dominant display by the Filipino team.

The victory not only avenged their previous loss to Senegal but also solidified their position as a formidable force in the tournament. With an improved rebounding performance and a well-rounded display from key players like Dwight Ramos and June Mar Fajardo, Gilas Pilipinas demonstrated their ability to excel in all aspects of the game.


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