Gabe Norwood PBA's In-season Tournaments

Gabe Norwood wants to have a very own PBA's In-Season Tournament

Gabe Norwood, a senior player for the Rain or Shine Elasto Painters in the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA), suggested an intriguing suggestion for the PBA in a recent edition of the Let It Fly podcast on YouTube: the creation of its version of an In-Season Tournament.

Norwood’s idea is to rename the All-Filipino Conference the In-Season Tournament. The regular conferences, especially the Governors’ and Commissioners’ Cups, would continue in this proposed configuration, but every Wednesday would be dedicated to the All-Filipino event. Teams connected with the San Miguel Corporation (SMC) and the MVP group would be divided into groups, with the top teams from each group progressing. Meanwhile, the teams who finished second will compete in a round-robin style to select extra qualifiers.

Norwood’s approach is motivated by the need to maximize playing days while providing enough rest for foreign players. By designating one day of the week as “All-Filipino Day,” the league may achieve a compromise between the three-conference model and the implementation of a unique In-Season Tournament.

Another seasoned PBA player with nine titles, Jared Dillinger, offered support for Norwood’s notion, recognizing that while some tweaks may be required, the fundamental concept is enticing. Dillinger stressed the necessity of the PBA accepting change and remaining progressive.

The plan is similar to the NBA’s recent implementation of an In-Season Tournament, which drew mixed reviews at first but proved effective in creating increased interest in games during typically slower months.

While Norwood’s notion raises concerns about scheduling changes, it demonstrates the PBA players’ readiness to experiment with new concepts to improve the league’s competitiveness and entertainment value. The need for changes in league operations shows a shared desire to keep the PBA as a vibrant and forward-thinking basketball organization.


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