Cyrus Baguio Raise on PBA Salary

Cyrus Baguio's View on PBA Salary Raises

Cyrus Baguio, a former PBA Finals MVP, has expressed his viewpoint on the escalating demands for the PBA (Philippine Basketball Association) to augment player remunerations. Baguio, a veteran of the league for 16 years, asserts that increasing compensation for PBA players is crucial for several reasons, drawing a link between the effect of salary hikes on employee motivation and performance in traditional occupations.

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Baguio asserts that increasing player compensation in the PBA is essential for retaining domestic talent since several Filipino basketball players have been lured to participate in overseas leagues, notably in Japan and South Korea, where the financial incentives are considerably higher. Given the comparatively brief and uncertain duration of a basketball player’s profession, Baguio underscored the need to offer competitive remuneration to PBA athletes.

He highlighted that a professional basketball player’s career is often of short duration, usually lasting around ten years. In this constrained period, a constant stream of new and gifted players is developing, posing a challenge for older players who must contend with younger talents who are frequently compensated at a substantially lower rate. Baguio emphasized the discrepancy in remuneration between professional athletes and persons in conventional occupations, emphasizing the distinct pressures basketball players face.

Unlike persons with sedentary office professions who can have steady employment and financial stability as they grow older, professional basketball players dedicate their physical prowess and agility to their vocations. Their sustenance relies on their athletic prowess, and the rivalry inside the PBA is very rigorous. Baguio emphasized the necessity of raising player compensation to offset the brief durations of their careers in a physically strenuous occupation.

Currently, the PBA imposes a maximum wage limit of P420,000 per month for seasoned players, while rookies are eligible for a total monthly compensation of P200,000. Baguio’s advocacy for wage increments seeks to guarantee that PBA athletes receive commensurate remuneration that corresponds to their distinct professional situations. Despite his daring style of play, his prolonged career and achievements in the league establish him as a significant contributor to this discussion, as few players can sustain such lengthy professional basketball careers.


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