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Cliff Hodge Clears the Air on Kyt Jimenez Incident

Cliff Hodge categorically rejects any attempt to injure Kyt Jimenez.

The active defender, recognized for his ability to slow down guards, clamp down on bigs, and contribute to scoring and rebounds, swears he would never punch someone in the face on purpose. Hodge, who measures 6 feet 4 inches tall and weighs 195 pounds, adds that he understands the suffering involved since he has been in similar circumstances. Furthermore, he acknowledges the importance of his role in the team and says that he would not purposefully compromise his standing or harm the squad.

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Hodge made news after his elbow cracked the eye socket of youngster Kyt Jimenez during the Meralco-SMB game. Even though no call was made during the third-quarter collision, the referee was later punished for “missing the call.” Hodge respectfully disagrees with the league’s judgment, noting, “I believe in what I know happened.”

Hodge, the No. 4 overall choice in the 2012 draft, expressed sorrow for the “unfortunate accident,” insisting that he apologized during the game and wants to apologize to Jimenez personally in the next game. He maintains that he did not intentionally hit Jimenez, knowing the implications of such acts.

Recognizing that basketball is a contact sport where players frequently become entangled in screens and experience inevitable bumps, the article believes that the PBA should have treated the event as a non-call.

Despite the possibility of fines or penalties, Hodge claims he is unconcerned and, five days later, is still clear of any disciplinary action from the league. The essay finishes with the amusing phrase, “No elbows.” “Only hugs and kisses.”

Can the PBA Veterans handle the fast-paced of the young rookie?


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