PBA Advice Bay Area Dragon Disbandment

PBA is yet to be advised about Bay Area Dragons' disbandment

The Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) has yet to be made aware of any official correspondence about the dissolution of the Bay Area Dragons. Willie Marcial, the Commissioner of the forthcoming Commissioner’s Cup, has yet to receive any notification from the administration of the Hong Kong-based franchise regarding their participation in the competition.

According to a story published in the South China Morning Post, an English-language daily headquartered in Hong Kong, all player contracts were canceled. At the same time, the squad participated in an online conference. The entire team was taken aback by this decision, which is especially notable given that the Bay Area had only recently announced the signing of new players for the Professional Basketball Association (PBA) and the East Asia Super League (EASL).

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Commissioner Marcial said he was unaware of this most recent development and remarked that the team had yet to alert the PBA about their predicament publicly. The fact that the Bay Area Dragons competed in the championship game of the Commissioner’s Cup the previous season makes this announcement even more surprising.

The article suggests that the key motivation for the decision to dismantle the Dragons is the ongoing financial struggles the club is experiencing. The club was initially established to participate in the inaugural home-and-away season of the EASL the year prior; however, due to the COVID-19 epidemic, the schedule had to be altered, and the competition was moved to Japan. Despite the difficulties, the Dragons had a successful season, earning a third-place overall result.

Following the Dragons’ outstanding performance in the Commissioner’s Cup under the direction of coach Brian Goorjian, they received tremendous fame and support among Filipino basketball enthusiasts. This was especially the case following the tournament. They were defeated by Ginebra in the seventh and deciding game of the championship series, which was played in front of a record crowd of 54,589 people at the Philippine Arena.

Matt Beyer, CEO and co-founder of EASL, has not made an official declaration about the current situation; nevertheless, reports suggest that a significant development is likely to be published within the next week.


Finally, the Bay Area Dragons’ participation in the 2017 PBA Commissioner’s Cup remains dubious because the league has not received formal news of their disbandment. The unexpected cancellation of player contracts during an online team meeting has the PBA and basketball fans wondering what the future holds for this Hong Kong-based club.

Despite financial troubles and a terrible year from the COVID-19 epidemic, the Bay Area Dragons made a name for themselves in basketball, particularly with their outstanding performance in the Commissioner’s Cup finals versus Ginebra. This unexpected change of events has piqued the interest of fans and stakeholders alike.

As we wait for further information and an official declaration from the EASL, it’s evident that the Bay Area Dragons’ journey in professional basketball has been fraught with ups and downs. The team’s and its players’ futures remain unknown, but the basketball community will await any developments on this exciting issue.


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