PBA Salary Cap Proposal by Henson

Addressing the Problem of the PBA Salary Cap

Over the years, a select few clubs have dominated the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA), leading to demands for greater parity. The PBA’s salary limit issues have prompted critics and well-meaning supporters to seek a solution.

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In the previous 33 conferences, only three championships were won by teams not affiliated with the San Miguel Corporation (SMC) or Manny V. Pangilinan (MVP) groups. This lack of champion diversity has sparked discussions regarding the need for a more balanced league. The perception of imbalanced trades and the ability of marquee teams to acquire multiple talents is a significant contributor to this issue.

Quinito Henson, a veteran sports analyst, has proposed a remedy to this age-old issue. He proposes revising the salary limit regulations of the PBA to promote greater equality within the league.

“We want the PBA to have an equitable distribution of talent and riches. The Dean stated on One PH’s Power & Play, “I believe there must be a serious review of the salary cap situation.”

Henson noted that many players earn more than the current PBA salary limit of P420,000 per month due to endorsements and other income sources. This provides a competitive advantage to financially sound teams.

Henson’s proposal involves incorporating a luxury tax into the compensation limit provisions of the league. This tax would limit the expenditures of affluent teams while providing financial relief to less affluent teams.

Henson stated, “I believe a comprehensive evaluation is necessary before implementing a luxury tax. In other words, it is acceptable if they PBA teams want their salaries to exceed the compensation limit, but they must pay the league.”

He clarified, “The luxury tax they pay will go to the league and be distributed to the other teams.”

Henson’s stance on this matter is unwavering, and he brought up the idea during the PBA Board of Governors’ most recent planning session. Even though it has yet to be formally proposed, the idea has attracted consideration.

Henson added, “Not on a formal basis because we’re not part of the board, but I mentioned it to several governors, and they said it should be considered, but perhaps the time is not yet right for this.”

He also believed that the proposition could acquire traction, particularly in light of the league’s prospective expansion. As the PBA evolves, addressing salary limit concerns and fostering a more equitable distribution of talent and riches within the league remains crucial.


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