ROG Phone 6D MLBB Edition Review

ROG Phone 6D MLBB M5 Edition Review: Is it a Gaming Beast?

The ASUS ROG Phone 6D MLBB M5 Edition has emerged as a popular topic of conversation among gaming fans in the ever-changing mobile gaming world. The smartphone seeks to provide an unrivaled gaming experience with its robust hardware and dedicated Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) features. In this review, we’ll look at the essential features and pros and cons of the ROG Phone 6D MLBB M5 Edition to see if it meets the high standards set by its predecessors.

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Design and Build

The ROG Phone 6D MLBB M5 Edition has ASUS’s Republic of Gamers (ROG) lineup’s trademark gaming-centric design. The phone has a sleek and aggressive design with RGB lighting accents, making it seem futuristic and gamer-friendly. The 6D alludes to the phone’s six-layer cooling mechanism, which keeps the device functioning at ideal temperatures even during long gaming sessions.


The display is one of the notable characteristics of ROG Phone 6D MLBB M5 Edition. The phone has a high-refresh-rate AMOLED display, ideal for smooth, responsive gaming. With a rapid refresh rate and reduced touch latency, the gadget claims to provide MLB players a competitive advantage by allowing precise and timely inputs.


The ROG Phone 6D MLBB M5 Edition is powered by a top-of-the-line CPU and considerable RAM, allowing it to tackle the most demanding mobile games efficiently. The gaming-centric improvements of the device contribute to a lag-free and immersive gaming experience, making it a viable option for professional MLBB players.

MLBB Integration

The M5 Edition is designed exclusively for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang fans. ASUS worked with MLBB developer Moonton to maximize the gaming experience on this device. The phone comes pre-installed with particular MLBB backgrounds, icons, and in-game stuff. MLBB’s experience is further enhanced with dedicated gaming buttons and customized touch controls.

Long Battery Life

Long gaming sessions necessitate a dependable battery, and the ROG Phone 6D MLBB M5 Edition delivers. The gadget outfitted with a high-capacity battery and clever power management capabilities, intends to allow more extended playtime without regular recharging. Fast charging technology ensures that downtime is kept to a minimum.


While gaming is the main focus, the ROG Phone 6D MLBB M5 Edition also has a competent camera system. The phone has a flexible camera configuration that works well in various lighting settings. While it cannot compete with top camera-centric smartphones, it provides an adequate photographic experience for people seeking more than gaming prowess.


Premium Price

The ROG Phone 6D MLBB M5 Edition has a premium price tag, putting it in a higher price range than many popular smartphones. This might be a key concern for cost-conscious buyers who may find other solutions that provide performance and affordability.

Aesthetic of Centric Design

While the aggressive design and RGB lighting may appeal to gamers, it may only fit some people’s aesthetic tastes for daily use. The bold design may be deemed gaudy or impractical for consumers who prefer a more modest need to more subtle-looking gadgets.

Heavy and Bulky

Including gaming-specific features, like the six-layer cooling system and bigger battery, adds to the phone’s weight and bulkiness. This may be an issue for consumers who like a thin and lightweight form factor, particularly those who use their phones often throughout the day.

MLBB Focus is Limited

The phone’s heavy concentration on Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s appeal to a broader audience may be limited. Users who do not play MLBB or want a device that can do various tasks may find the specialized capabilities less appealing.

Overkill for Casual Users

The phone’s high-performance hardware and gaming-centric features may be overkill for casual users who do not participate in severe mob need to file revised Users that exclusively use their cellphones for communication, social networking, and basic applications may need to be more utilized in the device’s possibilities.

Specialized Gaming Buttons

While the specialized gaming buttons and customizable touch controls are intended to improve the gaming experience, users who only sometimes play games may find these capabilities superfluous or even cumbersome for everyday smartphone use.

Potential Overemphasis on Gaming

The device’s software optimizations for gaming may result in a user interface that excessively prioritizes gaming-related functions. This may obscure or complicate the user experience for people who prefer a more balanced engagement with their devices.

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In conclusion, while the ROG Phone 6D MLBB M5 Edition provides an excellent gaming experience, prospective customers should carefully examine these drawbacks to ensure that the device meets their needs and tastes outside gaming.


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