PBA Referee Salary

How much is the PBA Referee Salary?

Have you ever wondered about the lives of men in gray shirts who officiate challenging PBA basketball games? Let’s look at the PBA referees’ behind-the-scenes world, from their monthly pay to the problematic process of becoming one.

PBA referees are paid between P20,000 and P40,000 per month, according to their class, according to Spin. Ph data. Class A referees, including Art Herrera, Peter Balao, Nhol Quilinguen, and Jimmy Mariano, are on the top end of the spectrum. Referees’ salaries rise as they advance in rank, with performance-based increments ranging from P2,000 to P5,000.

In addition to their base income, PBA referees are promised an allowance of P500 every game day, which escalates to P2,000 if they officiate a game. PBA referees are fairly compensated for their arduous job despite being on a different financial scale than the players they monitor.

How to Become a PBA Referee

Becoming a PBA referee is complex. All applicants go through a rigorous screening procedure and, if accepted, must complete comprehensive training at the PBA Referees Academy. The institution, which accepts applicants throughout the offseason, offers thorough instruction, with successful completion resulting in the awarding of a license.

After training, top junior referees are allowed to officiate D-League games. However, this does not automatically qualify them for PBA competition. Promotion to the PBA is based on their performance, guaranteeing that only the most talented and qualified referees work professionally.

Financial Hazards and Challenges

Being a PBA referee has financial benefits but also carries risks. Referees’ base salaries change with class promotions and demotions, and major blunders during games may result in unpaid suspension. In addition, fines are levied for minor mistakes, with a one-game fine equal to one day’s wage. This financial component emphasizes the significance of precision and accuracy in officiating tasks.

According to PBA Commissioner Willie Marcial, referees receive extensive training and are promoted based on performance. The league stresses its referees’ ongoing development and education, ensuring that they are well-prepared for the challenges they encounter on the court.

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In conclusion, there is more to becoming a PBA referee than simply blowing the whistle during games. From the financial incentives and obstacles to the hard road of becoming an official, these referees are essential to ensuring the game’s integrity. Understanding their world reveals the passion and endurance necessary to officiate professional basketball in the Philippines.


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PBA referee pay varies based on experience and class.

Class A referees are the highest paid, with monthly salaries ranging from P35,000 to P40,000. This includes referees like Art Herrera, Peter Balao, Nhol Quilinguen, and Jimmy Mariano.

Class B and C referees earn between P20,000 and P30,000 per month.

Junior referees: Begin at the bottom of the range and progress based on performance.

Game day allowance: Referees earn P500 for attending games, which increases to P2,000 if they officiate.

Health insurance: PBA referees have health insurance.

Referees who qualify are eligible for retirement benefits.

Becoming a PBA referee is a complex procedure.

Screening: All applicants go through a thorough screening procedure.

Successful candidates must undergo training at the PBA Referees Academy.

D-League experience: Top young referees work in D-League games to acquire expertise.

Promotion: Promotion to the PBA is entirely dependent on performance.

Yes, there are certain financial risks:

Salary changes: Base pay might alter due to class promotions and demotions.

Suspensions: Serious errors might result in unpaid suspensions.

Fines: Minor errors can result in penalties, with a one-game acceptable equivalent to one day’s pay.

While not on pace with higher-paying professions, PBA referee salaries are typically considered acceptable remuneration for their difficult work. In the Philippines, the average annual wage for referees is roughly ₱300,995. Entry-level officials get ₱254,179, while senior-level referees earn ₱336,023.



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