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Enhancing Expansion Success in the PBA

Including two new clubs in the PBA has created a lot of excitement and expectation among basketball fans. However, it is critical to solve the difficulties that past expansion teams, such as Terrafirma and Blackwater, encountered in their pursuit of success. Several creative solutions might be proposed to guarantee the seamless introduction of these new franchises and to entice significant firms to invest in PBA:

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1. Reduce the amount of “Protected Players” to eight instead of enabling each of the 12 existing clubs to safeguard 12 players. This change would make the expansion draft more exciting and give emerging talent a chance to flourish. TNT, Barangay Ginebra San Miguel, and San Miguel Beermen’s deeper rosters would be compelled to leave several good players off their protected lists.

2. Direct Hires: Allowing expansion teams to bring up players directly was a successful method in the past. The Batang Red Bull Energizers hired Mick Pennisi in 2000 after bringing six players from their PBL team. This adaptability enabled them to win a title early in their PBA career. Allowing expansion clubs to hire players directly, as long as they fulfill the same standards as PBA rookies, can aid in the development of competitive squads from the start.

3. Improved Draft Positioning: If direct hiring is not permitted, expanding teams should obtain improved draft positioning. This might be accomplished through a lottery system, which ensures they have a fair chance of receiving top choices. While giving them the first and second overall selections may be greeted with opposition, a lottery method more equally distributes draft positions.

4. Import Handicapping: Import handicapping might be another unique technique. During some conferences, expansion clubs may be allowed to recruit taller imports than existing teams. For example, they may draft a 6-foot-9 import, whereas other clubs are limited to 6-foot-6 imports. This regulation, which was previously imposed, resulted in Terrafirma’s excellent performance in the 2016 PBA Governors’ Cup. In the elimination phase, they tied for fourth place, demonstrating the potential benefits of such an approach.

Not all of these recommendations must be executed at the same time, but they do provide plausible options for assisting expansion clubs in getting off to a successful start. The PBA’s goal should be to learn from the problems experienced by prior expansion teams to better equip prospective entrants for success. By doing so, the league can maintain its increasing trend and improve its competitiveness.


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