Slips in PBA Draft Fall of The Players

The Surprising Slips in the PBA Draft: Analyzing the Fall of Prominent Players

The PBA Season 48 Draft aroused eyebrows for the selected players and those who were conspicuously absent in the early stages. Famous names like Ricci Rivero, Kyt Jimenez, Fran Yu, and John Amores generated a lot of talk building up to the selection. Yet, they fell the draft order, leaving many people needing clarification.

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Rivero was widely expected to be a first-round choice and was shockingly selected 17th overall in the second round. Similarly, Fran Yu was chosen only in the fourth round, while John Amores had to wait until the fifth round, and Kyt Jimenez dropped to the ninth round, becoming one of the 79 draftees to be chosen.

What factors played a role in this surprising change of events?

One prominent factor was the infusion of international talent due to looser eligibility restrictions for Foreign players. Furthermore, many lesser-known but talented big men appeared to overshadow the draft status of local prospects like Rivero and Yu.

Rivero’s agent, Charlie Dy, said that big guys have historically been prioritized in PBA drafts owing to their perceived necessity for clubs. Furthermore, foreign athletes frequently attract notice because of their exposure to superior training and competition, which is limited in local leagues such as the UAAP and NCAA.

The first draft round exemplified this tendency, with 11 of the 12 players chosen coming from outside the country. Only Ateneo guard BJ Andrade was an exception, picked 10th overall by Converge.

Rain or Shine coach Yeng Guiao noted that his club needed more interest in players like Rivero, Jimenez, and Yu since they already had good quality on the wings and backcourt. As a result, they targeted big guys in their draft picks.

Another senior PBA coach speculated that the Draft Combine, which was supposed to assist rookies in displaying their strengths, harmed Rivero, who seemed out of shape due to inactivity.

In the instance of John Amores, potential clubs were concerned about his prior actions. Despite being regarded as a competent player, his past outburst during an NCAA game made clubs hesitant to take a risk on him.

Despite his online fame and talents displayed on numerous platforms, Kyt Jimenez did not appear to impress PBA teams. Danny Espiritu, his agent, claimed that coaches and scouts were already acquainted with him, which may have impacted their judgments.

Coaches saw the popularity and showy playing styles as distractions in certain circumstances, causing them to choose safer” options.

Coaches feel these guys’ careers are far from over despite their draft misfortunes. They still have chances to establish their value in the PBA and influence the league.

Sliding into the second round may be a gift in disguise for Ricci Rivero. He can quietly improve his confidence in Phoenix as a second-round choice. Many PBA fans feel that a top-tier Ricci Rivero may flourish in Asia’s greatest professional basketball league.

Ultimately, it’s not only about the draft position but also about these players’ ability to contribute to their respective clubs and carve out successful PBA careers.


The PBA Season 48 Draft was full of surprises, most notably the departure of prominent players like Ricci Rivero and his colleagues. While the reasons for their draft slips may differ, one thing is sure,

the draft is only the beginning of their PBA careers.

The PBA community is excited to see how these players’ storylines unfold on the court as they attempt to show their worth and make a mark in the league.


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Teams are traditionally drafted in the order they finished the previous season. The team with the worst record usually receives the first choice, and the sequence follows suit.

Clubs can exchange their draft selections with other clubs. Trades for draft picks can be conducted before or during the draft event.

Players can refuse to be picked for various reasons, including wanting to join a particular team. They may be eligible for future drafts or seek other basketball possibilities.

The PBA Draft is significant since it affects the league’s teams’ future. It enables them to bring in new players, enhance their rosters, and plan for the future season.

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