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PBA Motoclub - Where Did the Ex-PBA Player Go?

PBA Motoclub is unique among sports organizations. Instead of hitting the court, this group takes to the broad road, forging a unique brotherhood and bond among former PBA players who love motorbikes. This article explores the history, founder, members, and headquarters of PBA Motoclub, shining light on its distinct combination of sportsmanship and the pleasure of the open road.

How did PBA Motoclub Created?

PBA Motoclub was founded to help retired PBA players stay connected and preserve the camaraderie they built throughout their basketball careers. Seeking an outlet that blended their love of adrenaline with fraternity, the idea of a motorcycle club immediately gained hold. PBA Motoclub was formally founded to allow former pla yers to share their passion for motorbikes and make long-term friendships outside the basketball court.

Who are the members of PBA Motoclub?

The PBA Motoclub was founded by former PBA players who wanted to promote sportsmanship and togetherness outside the court. The founder’s identity is private. The club’s original members worked together to develop it, emphasizing the value of brotherhood and sharing road experiences.

PBA Motoclub is a comprehensive lineup of retired PBA players who contribute their personalities and experiences to the organization. The group allows these former sportsmen to unite over their passion for motorbikes, forging friendships beyond their basketball backgrounds. The specific list of members may change, but each person adds to the club’s dynamic and close-knit community.

While the lineup may change over time, as of the most recent accessible information, PBA Motoclub has included several well-known retired PBA players such as Rico Maierhofer, Marc Pingris, Jeyjey Helterbrand, Sunday Salvacion, Willie Miller, Cyrus Baguio, KG Canaleta, JC Intal, Sol Mercado and more. These individuals, who previously ruled the basketball floor, now have common ground on the open road. Their similar interest in motorbikes reinforces the relationships developed throughout their basketball careers.

Where is the Headquarters of PBA Motoclub Location?

PBA Motoclub’s offices are typically located centrally for accessible communication and cooperation among members. The site may vary, but it is a focal point for club activities, meetings, and events. This consolidated basis contributes to the club’s mission of fostering a sense of brotherhood and solidarity.

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In conclusion, PBA Motoclub exemplifies how athletes may build lifelong friendships via similar interests. Beyond the basketball court, these former PBA players have discovered a new source of friendship, brotherhood, and adventure. As the club grows, it represents that the adventure does not cease with retirement but instead pursues a different path.


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Yes, PBA Motoclub mainly comprises retired Philippine Basketball Association players passionate about motorbikes.

The procedure of joining PBA Motoclub may include contacting the club personally or expressing interest through official routes. Details on membership requirements may vary.

While the primary focus is on the shared passion for motorbikes and brotherhood, PBA Motoclub may participate in philanthropic efforts and community outreach, utilizing their power for beneficial effects.

PBA Motoclub is likely to host various activities, such as group rides, meet-ups, and social gatherings, which allow members to connect on and off the road.

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