4 Facts about Dwight Ramos

4 Facts About Dwight Ramos - Ramos's Eat Bulaga Moment

Rising basketball sensation Dwight Ramos, well-known for his skill on the court, recently delighted viewers with an appearance on the well-liked noontime program Eat Bulaga. The program provided an insight into his personal life off the court. Aside from his basketball prowess, Ramos displayed his endearing nature and some fascinating personal anecdotes.

4 Facts of The Saint "Dwight Ramos"

Favorite Color

In the episode, Ramos disclosed that blue is his favorite color. This decision aligns with his cool-headedness and composure on the basketball court, where he frequently plays through stress. In addition, blue represents stability, loyalty, and trust—elements that Ramos identifies with both on and off the court.


Ramos revealed his slogan, “Kaunting bato, kaunting semento, monumento,” during his Eat Bulaga moment. It means “A little stone, cement, a monument.” This phrase conveys Ramos’ conviction that strenuous effort and dedication are essential to reaching greatness. In the same way that a monument is constructed one stone at a time, Ramos recognizes the need to make incremental progress toward his objectives to leave a lasting legacy.

“The Fans say the motto is very Kianna Dy.”


Ramos unexpectedly revealed that he was a football player. He started playing football at 13-14 years old in middle and high school after switching to basketball. His quickness, footwork, and general athleticism all demonstrated by his basketball talents on the court are probably enhanced by his prior involvement in another sport. Thanks to his versatility and adaptability, Ramos is a powerful force in every athletic effort he explores.

Arrival in the Philippines

Ramos also said he arrived in the country in 2019, when he started playing basketball in the Philippines. He has since advanced in his profession and gained acclaim for his skill and commitment to the game. Ramos’s entrance has improved Philippine basketball and won over nationwide supporters.


In conclusion, Dwight Ramos’ Eat Bulaga moment gave viewers a fun look into his vibrant personality and varied upbringing. Ramos never fails to enthrall audiences on and off the basketball court with his motto, favorite color, and athletic journey. Fans can’t wait to see more of Ramos’ iconic moments on film and the court as he continues to create waves in Philippine basketball.


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An American-Filipino professional basketball player, Dwight Ramos, plays for the Gilas Pilipinas national team, and he is now with the Levanga Hokkaido in the Japan team.

It’s true that Dwight Ramos and Kim Kianna Dy, a prominent volleyball player in the Philippines, are dating. They have long been open about their connection and are frequently spotted advancing one another’s professional endeavors.

There are no publicly available details regarding Dwight Ramos salary at Levanga Hokkaido. The B.League pays its players differently based on individual contracts, team performance, and experience.



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