PBA D-League: For Quiambao, Cortez Winning the Championship Comes First

The PBA D-League, a prominent basketball tournament in the Philippines, is set to witness a clash of titans as EcoOil-La Salle and Marinerong Pilipino-San Beda compete for the championship trophy. Amidst the excitement, two collegiate stars, Kevin Quiambao and Jacob Cortez, emphasize that winning the championship takes priority over individual accolades. Let’s delve deeper into their perspectives and the significance of their championship goal.

PBA D- League 2023

Quiambao's Championship Goal

Kevin Quiambao, a former member of Gilas Pilipinas and the UAAP Rookie of the Year, understands the honor of being considered a leading candidate for the PBA D-League Aspirants‘ Cup Most Valuable Player (MVP) award. However, Quiambao firmly believes that his success should be intertwined with the achievements of his teammates. “Ayokong hindi i-involve ang teammates ko. Gusto ko mag-champion kami dito sa PBA D-League,” Quiambao expressed during a Philippine Sports Association (PSA) Forum.

Cortez's Focus on Championship

Similarly, Jacob Cortez, a guest at the PSA Forum, shares Quiambao’s sentiment regarding the MVP award. Cortez acknowledges that while individual recognition is appreciated, the primary goal remains becoming champions. Determined, he stated, “The MVP is not what I want. Being the champion is the main goal. We’re focused on winning it.”

Archers vs. Red Lions: Clash of Titans

The stage is set for an intense best-of-three series between EcoOil-La Salle, represented by Quiambao, and Marinerong Pilipino-San Beda, led by Cortez. The showdown between these two top teams will commence on Thursday at the Ynares Sports Arena in Pasig City. As fans anticipate an exhilarating battle, the spotlight shines on the players who prioritize the ultimate prize—the championship.

Quiambao's Stellar Performance

Quiambao’s exceptional performance throughout the tournament has been instrumental in EcoOil-La Salle’s journey to the finals. Averaging an impressive 21.0 points, 9.8 rebounds, and 2.3 assists, Quiambao has showcased his versatility on the court. La Salle’s advancement to the finals holds great significance as the PBA D-League was suspended for three years due to the pandemic, making this opportunity even more special for Quiambao and his team.

Cortez's Contribution to San Beda

Jacob Cortez’s role in San Beda’s rebuilding phase under coach Yuri Escueta cannot be overstated. With an average of 18.9 points, 4.3 rebounds, and 3.3 assists, Cortez has been an integral part of his team’s success. It is worth mentioning that his father, Mike Cortez, is a former PBA player, adding to the basketball pedigree of the family.

MVP as a Side Quest for Cortez

While the MVP award holds its significance, Cortez considers it a secondary quest compared to the championship. Expressing his gratitude towards teammates and coaches, Cortez affirms that winning the tournament is the ultimate focus. He echoes the sentiments of many passionate athletes who prioritize team accomplishments over individual recognition.

Quiambao's Appreciation for Teammates and Coaches

Kevin Quiambao understands the value of his teammates and the guidance his coaches, Topex Robinson and Gian Nazario, provide. He acknowledges their instrumental role in his personal growth and development as a player. Quiambao’s gratitude towards his teammates and coaches exemplifies the importance of collaboration and support within a team. His humble nature and acknowledgment of the collective effort underscore his dedication to the team’s success.

Conclusion and Achieving Goals

In basketball, individual achievements such as the MVP award hold significance. However, Kevin Quiambao and Jacob Cortez demonstrate that their ultimate focus is winning the championship. Their dedication, selflessness, and determination to lead their respective teams to victory exemplify the essence of teamwork and the pursuit of a shared goal. As the PBA D-League’s titular series unfolds, all eyes will be on these two outstanding players and their relentless pursuit of championship glory.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The PBA D-League is a developmental basketball league in the Philippines that serves as a stepping stone for aspiring professional basketball players.

Kevin Quiambao of EcoOil-La Salle and Jacob Cortez of Marinerong Pilipino-San Beda are the leading candidates for the PBA D-League Aspirants’ Cup MVP award.

The best-of-three titular series between EcoOil-La Salle and Marinerong Pilipino-San Beda will commence on Thursday at the Ynares Sports Arena in Pasig City.

Kevin Quiambao has averaged 21.0 points, 9.8 rebounds, and 2.3 assists per game in the PBA D-League Aspirants Cup.

Jacob Cortez has played a pivotal role in San Beda’s rebuilding phase under coach Yuri Escueta, showcasing his scoring ability, rebounding skills, and playmaking talent.


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