Gin Kings Snap Two-Game Slide, Fend Off Tropa on PBA on Tour Preseason

The Gin Kings trailed by 16 points in the first half but rallied back to take a 44-36 lead at halftime. TNT tied the game at 55 early in the fourth quarter, but Ginebra responded with a 14-0 run to take a 69-55 lead. The Tropang Giga got as close as 62-61, but Ginebra closed the game on a 9-6 run to secure the victory.

The Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) on Tour Preseason was ablaze with excitement on July 21, 2023, as the mighty Barangay Ginebra San Miguel, fondly known as the Gin Kings, showcased their prowess in a thrilling matchup against the formidable Tropa squad. The Gin Kings emerged victorious, snapping their two-game slide and asserting their dominance in the league. 

This article will explore the exciting game that unfolded, analyzing the key moments, outstanding performances, and strategies that led to their triumph. Join us as we take an in-depth look at how the Gin Kings rallied their forces and secured a remarkable victory.

Gin Kings vs TNT Tropang Giga

The game commenced with an air of anticipation as both teams took to the court with steely determination. The Gin Kings, led by their seasoned coach, Tim Cone, exuded confidence, while the Tropa squad, under their astute coach, Jojo Lastimosa, showcased their relentless spirit. The atmosphere was electrifying, with fans on the edge of their seats, eager to witness an enthralling encounter between two PBA powerhouses.

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Key Player Performances

Sydney Onwubere

Sydney Onwubere led Ginebra with 21 points and 15 rebounds. Von Pessumal added 15 points, while Scottie Thompson had 12 and eight rebounds. While on the opposing team, Glenn Khobuntin was the lone bright spot for TNT, with 25 points and nine rebounds. The Gin Kings improved to 5-5 in the preseason, while the Tropang Giga dropped to 1-8.

Christian Standhardinger

The Gin Kings’ center, Christian Standhardinger, exhibited an exceptional display of dominance in the paint. Standing at an imposing 7 feet, Christian towered over his opponents, making it challenging for the Tropa to execute their inside plays. He delivered a stellar performance, scoring crucial points, grabbing rebounds, and intimidating the opposition with his shot-blocking prowess.

Scottie Thompson

Scottie Thompson, the versatile guard of the Gin Kings, proved once again why he is a force to be reckoned with. His all-around skills were on full display as he orchestrated plays, dished out assists, snatched steals, and crashed the boards relentlessly. Thompson’s ability to impact the game in various facets made him a valuable asset to the team’s success.

Stanley Pringle

The explosive guard, Stanley Pringle, put on a scoring clinic that left the Tropa scrambling to contain him. Pringle’s lightning-quick drives to the basket and his deadly outside shooting made him nearly unstoppable. His offensive prowess was the X-factor that propelled the Gin Kings to secure a comfortable lead.

Japeth Aguilar

Japeth Aguilar, the defensive stalwart for the Gin Kings, showcased his shot-altering abilities and remarkable shot-blocking timing. His presence in the paint deterred the Tropa from taking easy shots, forcing them to settle for contested attempts from the perimeter. Aguilar’s defensive tenacity was instrumental in thwarting the Tropa’s offensive schemes.

Tactical Brilliance

Under Coach Tim Cone’s tactical guidance, the Gin Kings executed a well-thought-out game plan that exploited the weaknesses of their opponents. The team’s ball movement, off-the-ball screens, and pick-and-roll plays kept the Tropa’s defense on their toes. The strategic rotations and defensive schemes disrupted the Tropa’s rhythm and limited their scoring opportunities.

Rousing Team Effort

The Gin Kings demonstrated the essence of teamwork throughout the game. Each player played their role with unwavering dedication and commitment. The seamless coordination among the players led to fluid offensive sequences and impenetrable defense. It was a valid showcase of collective brilliance that elevated the team’s performance to new heights.

Fan Support | The Sixth Man

The support of the Gin Kings’ passionate fan base, affectionately known as the “Ginebra Nation,” was a driving force behind the team’s triumph. The electrifying cheers and chants resonated throughout the stadium, inspiring the players and fueling their determination to emerge victorious. The unwavering loyalty of the fans played a pivotal role in creating an intimidating home-court advantage.

Key Takeaways from the Game

1. Ginebra’s defense was the difference in the game. They held TNT to just 36.8% shooting from the field and 25% from three-point range.

2. Onwubere and Pessumal were a force inside for Ginebra. They combined for 36 points and 24 rebounds.

3. Thompson was a steady presence for Ginebra all game long. He scored 12 points, grabbed eight rebounds, and dished out five assists.

4. Khobuntin was the only bright spot for TNT. He scored 25 points and grabbed nine rebounds, but he needed more help from his teammates.

Next Game of the Top-tier on PBA on Tour Preseason

1. The Gin Kings will next face NLEX on Sunday, July 30, at the Ynares Arena – Pasig City

2. The Tropang Giga will next face NLEX Road Warriors on Wed, July 26, at the Filoil EcoOil Centre.

The Gin Kings will be looking to build on their win when they face NLEX on Sunday. The Tropang Giga will look to get back on track when they face NLEX on Wednesday.


As the PBA on Tour Preseason progresses, the Gin Kings will undoubtedly continue to evolve and fine-tune their strategies. The team’s unwavering commitment to excellence and their hunger for success will be essential as they face more challenges in the upcoming matches.

In conclusion, the Gin Kings’ triumphant victory against the Tropa was a testament to their exceptional skills, tactical brilliance, and unyielding team spirit. This victory broke their two-game slide and served as a powerful statement of their dominance in the PBA. The future looks promising for the Gin Kings, and their passionate fans eagerly await their journey toward further glory.


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