Ginebra Captain LA Tenorio is fighting on and off the Court! Diagnosed with Stage 3 Colon Cancer 2023

The person in question remarked on their present health situation. They apologize to teammates, coaches, fans, media, and friends. They admit that they have been battling a slight ailment since the Finals in January, resulting in their unexpected absence. They recognize, however, that keeping the true cause for their lack of a secret will only lead to unneeded conjecture and speculations.

The person then goes on to say that they were just diagnosed with Stage 3 colon cancer. Due to this diagnosis, they missed training and games immediately following the initial tests three weeks ago. They already had surgery last week and will begin their therapy shortly, which is expected to take many months.

The man has dedicated his life to basketball and has been a member of the PBA for 17 years. They have sacrificed their bodies and health for the game’s sake, yet certain things are beyond their control. They are hopeful, however, because they trust in God that there is a higher purpose for them while they walk through this period of their lives. They also state that they have yet to be retired from the sport he like and feel they can return stronger with the assistance of the greatest physicians in the Philippines and Singapore.


Finally, the individual appreciates those who have assisted them, including the San Miguel Family, Boss RSA, and Boss Alfrancis Chua. Notwithstanding the well-wishes and words of support they have received, they respectfully urge that everyone respect their family’s desire to go through this path secretly and discreetly as much as possible. They get strength and inspiration from their family and loved ones, which motivates them to be the best people they can be physically, psychologically, and spiritually, and they want to see everyone soon.

Get well soon Ginebra Captain LA Tenorio, what a brave man!