Rhenz Abando: The Rising Star of Philippine Basketball

Rhenz Abando’s recent triumph in the Korean Basketball League is a watershed moment in his basketball career. Winning the KBL championship and NCAA and EASL crowns demonstrates his tremendous talent and hard effort.

Abando contributed significantly to Anyang KGC’s championship triumph over Seoul SK Knights. Despite not scoring, his great defensive talents helped the club win. In the hotly contested encounter, his three rebounds, one steal, two blocks, and an assist were essential.

Abando’s accomplishment demonstrates his persistence and dedication to the sport. He began his career as an NCAA Rookie-MVP at Letran University and dazzled in international events. His recent KBL championship victory demonstrates his extraordinary ability to produce under duress.

KGC Anyang

Aside from his KBL accomplishments, Abando’s Slam Dunk and 3×3 titles for Team Philippines versus Team Korea in the KBL All-Star game earlier this year demonstrate his outstanding skill. Abando’s KBL triumph would encourage other young basketball players in the Philippines and worldwide.

Rhenz Abando Achievement

Rhenz Abando is a talented basketball player from the Philippines who has achieved numerous accolades in his career. His achievements include winning the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) championship, East Asia Super League (EASL) championship, and the Korean Basketball League (KBL) championship.

Abando’s success in the KBL championship game was a significant milestone in his career as a basketball player. Playing for Anyang KGC, he helped his team secure a thrilling 100-97 overtime victory against Seoul SK Knights in Game 7 of the back-and-forth finals. Although he did not score in the game, Abando played an instrumental role in the team’s victory through his outstanding defensive skills.

Besides his KBL victory, Abando has also won several other titles in his career. In 2019, he was named NCAA Rookie-MVP from Letran University, highlighting his exceptional performance in the league. In March 2021, he helped Anyang KGC win the inaugural EASL Champions Week in Japan, defeating the same opponent, Seoul SK Knights.

Moreover, Abando also clinched the Slam Dunk crown and a 3×3 title for Team Philippines against Team Korea in the KBL All-Star game earlier this year. His exceptional talent and achievements in basketball have earned him a reputation as one of the most promising basketball players in the Philippines.


Finally, Rhenz Abando’s foreign debut in the Korean Basketball League was a huge accomplishment that reinforced his standing as one of the Philippines’ most promising basketball players. His achievement results from his hard work, persistence, and great court abilities. We wish him the best of luck in his future undertakings.


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