Philippine Men's 3x3 Basketball Team Claims Silver Medal 2023

The Philippine squad had high aspirations of recovering the gold medal they had previously won in the inaugural game of the 3×3 men’s basketball competition at the 32nd Southeast Asian Games. Their hopes were dashed, though, as Cambodia, the host nation, triumphed 20-15 in the half-court competition.

The Cambodians dominated the encounter with an impressive five-game winning streak throughout the competition, despite the Filipinos having three naturalized players leading their side. Three players who had previously competed in different professional leagues in the United States, Sayeed Pridgett, Darrin Dorsey, and Brando Peterson, served as the foundation for the Cambodian team’s pursuit of the gold medal. Gilas Pilipinas found Pridgett to be a special thorn in their side as he consistently scored against them and finished with a game-high 10 points.

On the other hand, Almond Vosotros’s Filipino quartet struggled to come up to the Cambodian team’s lead. Vosotros, who scored six points, struggled to match the efficiency of his rivals, as did his teammates Joseph Sedurifa, Lervin Flores, and Joseph Eriobu. The Filipinos were able to comfort themselves by placing better than the bronze medal they won at the biannual meet in Hanoi last year.

It was a historic event for the sport in Cambodia when the Cambodian team won the first-ever 3×3 gold medal for the nation. A memorable moment was created for the players and the spectators as the team was greeted by raucous applause and cheers from the crowded audience at the Morodok Techo Elephant Hall.

Following their stunning comeback victory over the reigning champion Thailand, which Joseph Sedurifa’s game-winning dunk secured, the Filipino squad entered the gold medal match on a high note. They could not match their performance against the Cambodian team, who jumped out to an 11-6 lead and kept it to the end. To get to the championship game, Cambodia defeated Vietnam, 21-19, in the semifinals.

Lester Del Rosario served as the team’s coach, and the Gilas 3×3 team’s success in the competition demonstrated their tremendous talent and promise. Even though they didn’t achieve their ultimate objective, they learned a lot and will surely improve for subsequent tournaments.

The 32nd Southeast Asian Games’ 3×3 men’s basketball competition was a fantastic event rife with drama and excitement. The Philippine team’s heroic effort revealed their resolve and resiliency, while the Cambodian team’s historic victory symbolized their talent and dedication. Overall, the competition served as a celebration of the sport and the top competitors.


In the 3×3 basketball finals of the 32nd Southeast Asian Games, the Philippine men’s team fell short against the host country Cambodia, which won its first-ever gold medal. Despite having three naturalized players in Sayeed Pridgett, Darrin Dorsey, and Brando Peterson, the Cambodian team dominated the game with a five-game tournament sweep. Pridgett was the star of the match, scoring 10 points and proving to be a thorn in the side of the Gilas Pilipinas team. The Philippine team, led by Almond Vosotros, trailed the Cambodians for most of the game and finished with a silver medal. The team consoled themselves with the fact that they finished higher than the bronze medal they took home from last year’s Hanoi edition of the biennial meet.

Overall, the 3×3 basketball competition was exciting and showcased the talents of some of the best players in Southeast Asia. The event was a reminder of the importance of sports in bringing people together and fostering friendly competition among nations.


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