September 27, 2022
Prediction for Meralco Bolts vs San Miguel Beermen 17 August 2022


As part of the Basketball Philippine Cup tournament, the Meralco Bolts team will play against the San Miguel Beermen on their home court on August 17 at 6:00 PM. It should be a good game. The last thing to figure out is which side has the best chance of winning.


Altogether, the teams met 32 times. Since Meralco Bolts has won 16 games, it has a slight edge. In 16 of the games, San Miguel Beermen was better. The previous match between the two teams was on August 14, 2022, and the score was 92:96 in favor to the Bolts. Let’s find out who has a better chance of winning this game.

Last 5 Matches Meralco Bolts vs. San Miguel Beermen

DateConferenceTeamGame ScoreWinners
8/14/2022BASKETBALL PHILIPPINE CUPSan Miguel Beermen92 : 96Meralco Bolts
8/12/2022BASKETBALL PHILIPPINE CUPMeralco Bolts78 : 89San Miguel Beermen
8/10/2022BASKETBALL PHILIPPINE CUPSan Miguel Beermen97 : 111Meralco Bolts
8/7/2022BASKETBALL PHILIPPINE CUPMeralco Bolts91 : 96San Miguel Beermen
8/5/2022BASKETBALL PHILIPPINE CUPSan Miguel Beermen88 : 99Meralco Bolts

San Miguel Beermen Team News

The series has gone back and forth, but the Beermen have managed to stay in charge. In last game 5, the Beermen won with a 9-0 run at the end (89:78). After getting beat up in game 4, the main title favorites did well when it mattered most. All thanks to the team’s strong desire on winning the game. 

When San Miguel didn’t have enough players on the bench, they got into problems right away. Their success in this semi-final has come from their long rotation, which lets them keep up even when only their starting five are scoring.

Meralco Bolts Team News

Meralco will hope for a repeat of the 2019 PBA Cup quarterfinal when the Beermen blew a similar lead and lost the game. It will be much harder to beat the favorites this time, but the Bolts always find a way to come back.

We don’t think that it will be the case in the previous game. After their comeback win and a great third quarter in which they won by almost 15 points, the Beermen want to win the game.

Momentum is with San Miguel, and the only thing the Bolts have going for them is that they have come around from being down twice and tied the series.


Prediction for Meralco Bolts vs San Miguel Beermen Game 7

As you may have seen above, the analysis of this match turned out to be quite in-depth, and we can say with complete confidence that the final choice for the matchup thinks out. The Meralco Bolts and the San Miguel Beermen do everything they can to leave the field in a good mood, which was taken into account when making the final prediction. As things stand, here’s what we can do to break this tie.

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Bet on OKBet Prediction Match: Meralco Bolts vs. San Miguel Beermen

Pick: San Miguel Beermen

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